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Happy birthday to beagley!

Happy early birthday to i_descend, intelligentrix, and LJless Jeff, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader sestasik!

Starting to feel like myself again.

House concert!
Was excellent! Prettiest song about zombies evar. Also, great energy. And beautiful girls with guitars making Star Trek jokes between rocking the house. (I do not like wistful waifs; I like women with great big voices. Becca and Jenn? A+++.)

My Empire for Ashes
In case you were wondering if I liked comments/discussion? Love it. Bring it on. I count it as a huge success that people are able to dissect Katrina's behavior like they're doing. Alexander's, too.

New laptop!
Arrived last night! I am adjusting. It is loud and shiny, like me! Am doing the final backup of the old laptop now, and will transfer stuff over to the new one when I get home this afternoon, *and then I will write*. I like the keyboard on this one. I move fast, and keys react, and yay.

No link soup, because new computer.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Purple shirt with interesting bobbley neckline. Purple's the official color of BARCC; on any given day, several of us will be wearing it. Also jeans, Wyrding Studios necklace, sihaya09 earrings. <3
Reading: Heat Wave, by Richard Castle, which is crap as a story but utterly fascinating as a metafictional object.
Writing: Now that I have a usable computer? Goal is to do that work on "Maxfield Parrish Blues", make the small edits on "Spaces Between", and have two things ready to submit next week. Then hopefully I'll get on s00j's piece.
Knitting: Chunky cowl for never1eighty.
Today: Work, then writing and new-laptop stuff. No plans for tonight. Xmortis is a distant option, if I've energy to burn.
Saturday: Rehearsal for A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer, the V-Day benefit one of my fellow volunteers is organizing! I'm only in the ensemble piece at the end; my schedule prevented a bigger part. But still, exciting and fun, and that looks to be a powerful piece. You should come - show is on Sunday the 21st. Other than that? Around-the-house stuff. My office is messy again. :(
Sunday: No outright plans yet. Maybe a friend's movie afternoon/night if I can score a ride? Adam and I will be doing Valentine's Day dinner sometime else to avoid crowds.


My Valentinr - song
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