Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Oh yeah.

My Valentinr - song
Get your own valentinr

If you have one of these, point me to it in comments; I haven't done anyone's, because I've been offline and with bankrupt pants. So if you left me a mutual note, I may not see it, not because I don't <3 you but because I don't know you have a Valentinr.

Actually? Also? Let's make this a crush confessions post, just for the heck of it. Anonymous commenting is enabled - though of course you can use your name, and if you really want to make a connection, that'd help, I'd think. Play nice. Be awesome to each other.

EDIT: Oh hey here is this thing.

Which, argh, only lets you put in five people. I have limited myself to people I'm not currently dating or married to. But still, I have like a dozen more I wanted to list.

I may at some point be terribly brave and post a whole list. Here, even. Without the screen to hide behind, the thought that people can only see I'm interested in them if they're interested in me back. It's a scary thing, telling someone you like them when you have no idea how they'll react! Which is the appeal of stuff like the mutual love notes or MyLJValentine. But with 600 people to choose from and me only being able to choose 5? That is not comprehensive. I crush like I love, wide and hard and fast and deep and so easily.

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