Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Bringin' hobos back.

So I'm tidying up around here while Elayna and K. watch YouTube videos. And K says "That guy looks like a hobo."

And I had to stop them. Because dude. Last week, there was a BARCC engagement where some teenagers said that they felt that a particular high-rick group for perpetration was hobos. They fear the hobos. And we were all like o.O hobos? Is it the 1920s again? Hobos? Okay.

And I told one of our colleagues at another crisis center (who's also a fellow volunteer) about the fear of hobos. And he said his kids, too. The teens in the class he teaches. All about the hobos.

You guys.


I do not know!

But according to K, hobos are coming back in a big way. The term is making a resurgence.

It was vampires, then zombies, then angels - and I thought selkies were supposed to be next. But. Apparently it is hobos. Dear writers, get crackin' on the HoboPunk.

EDIT: No, they are not talking about homeless people. They are all describing the hobo archetype, the 19020s rail-ridin' hobo with the stick and bandanna. Hence my confusion, as I really did not think that had made it into 21st-century pop culture!

ALSO EDIT: Connection found! The American Girls books, specifically Kit (1934)!
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