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Blogathon 2010

In previous years, I wrote stories about donated objects. Then I solicited objects based on my stories. This has felt... limiting.

So this morning, I was thinking of the post I have to make about BARCC's Clothesline Project accepting shirts from all over in order to get an influx of new shirts from a diverse group of people. I was thinking about the instructions for y'all - no puffy paint, fabric pens are good, so's beadazzling and embellishing and wow, thing of all the creative things my amazing friends can do with a shirt to express their feelings regarding sexual assault...

and hey wait a minute...

Blogathon 2010: Blog Harder.

I blog for 24 hours straight. There may even be video this time. You sponsor me. All money goes to BARCC.

And because it's for BARCC...

Items donated for the auction should reflect on the artist's feelings regarding sexual assault and rape.

Like the Clothesline Project, but more than just shirts. Jewelry. Paintings. Knitted things. Handspun yarn. Music. Whatever.

No, you don't have to be a survivor to contribute; I am exceedingly fortunate to know some wonderful artists and craftspeople who have never been sexually assaulted. You just have to have been affected by it in some way.

And guess what?

You all have, in your own way.

(EDIT: If it ends up not working for people, I'm malleable on the concept. I just thought "Hey, like the Clothesline Project!"

Or it could just be support for survivors, like Threads of Compassion knits scarves...)

Items are due to me by July 1. If you can photograph them, awesome; if not, I'll handle it. Please answer the poll to indicate your potential interest. If you already have an idea forming on this, tell me in the comments!


Do you want to contribute something to the auction?


Do you want to blog with us on Team Venture?


Do you want to be on Team Venture's pit crew?

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