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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to bikergeek, rubrchick, and stakebait!

Hello to new readers lovefromgirl, james_b, louisadkins, and tauren_wardrums!

Stress makes me tired. Also very cold. Anyone else get the shivers when stressed?

The bit posted yesterday for Rabbit Hole Day is from Cicatrix, a novel in progress - a portal fantasy gone wrong and, eventually, back around to right. I'm clearing out short fiction and poetry obligations so I can focus on it exclusively, because the themes in it? I cannot do a half-ass job on this. This must be done with my whole ass!

Next Online Writing Project
will be another Gojirawitz Girls write-a-thon to raise money for Explo! We're using lawbabeak's suggestion: "On Day 1 each of you starts a story, stopping well before it is done, Day 2 you continue Elayna's story and she continues yours, Day 3 you switch back and so on? Maybe have some sort of option where people can bribe... um, >inspire< you to insert an event or character or combination of things (a cat, a cell phone, and "Ernest Borgnine!")?"

Yes! I have run this by her. She is enthusiastic. But we're going to keep it to one story that we switch back and forth on; that's easier. But we'll set an amount for the bribes, $5 or $10 per story element that you want to make us include.

Right after I sucked it up and called my parents for the money, I had several of you offer to lend me the $250. Meep! Thanks, guys. I'd rather owe my parents money than owe you money, though! And it is done.

The classes on her list (she only gets to take two, but she gets six choices for each period):

Period One: Forensic science, digital photography, mock trial, debate, strategic thinking in games, songwriting.
Period Two: Criminal psychology, mythology, percussion + movement, forensic science, professional mathematics, sustainable fashion design.

She's only doing one session this year, because one session alone is $5,000 for a residential student. Two sessions is $9K. No way can we raise that. She understands.

I really want to try Sundara yarn.

Link Soup
* The 3six5 is live. A year in the life of everyone. My segment will be March 17.
* Text of the SotU address.
* Buy books from saraphina_marie!

Daily Science
The Moon may have formed in a nuclear explosion. Boom!

Work, which should be hella busy - I need to generate a website stats analysis with no guidelines save those I make myself, whee!, and finalize the sidebar content of the work blog - lunch with the charming mangosteen, evening at home - which is good because I am almost 2/3 done with that baby blanket for Rockstar P, which is the point at which I'm itching to go full speed ahead and get it done, because hey, close to done, plus I need to start on that cowl for never1eighty. Not terribly exciting, I know, but busy, and that makes an acceptable substitute on days like today.
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