Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


There've been about a dozen points of absolute fail today, and they keep on coming.

Most recent?

I finally got Elayna to pick out her courses for Explo. Went to register her, because hey, today's payday and I have the money!

Guess what?

Deposit for residential* is $250 more than my paycheck.

I thought that for once I wasn't going to have to go beg my parents for money for something for Elayna. For once. But no. If I want to be assured of getting her into her chosen classes, I need to register her right quick, not in another two weeks.

So on top of everything else today (which also includes Stone Hearth getting our order wrong now; guys are on their way back), now I get to call my parents and beg for money, even though I have a job now and theoretically should not have to.

*headdesk* I understand that the universe seems to be opposed to me getting ahead ever. But lately, I can't even seem to break even, and it wearies me.

*She was a day student last year and the year before, with half the deposit; this year she'll be in the Senior program, which is at Yale, so she has to be residential.

EDIT: Sucked it up, called parents, put in deposit on their card. But there was no option to put in Elayna's class choices! Have e-mailed Explo and will hopefully get this resolved tomorrow.
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