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Happy birthday to bryant and firebirdgrrl!

Happy early birthday to antonstrout, emilytheslayer, and never1eighty, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers albemuth, emily_goddess, jzer, and majes!

Still worn out. Next day I actually get to curl up and rest: Sunday.

I stumbled across Red State Soundsystem yesterday; the first song on their album, "Scatterlings and Refugees", is such a Shayara song that it took my breath away. And led to me re-reading bits and pieces of Shayara last night. (And being amused that I double-check to make sure everyone's using condoms, because while Dasaroi biology is slightly different from human biology, it's not enough so to rule out STDs.)

Was talking about it this weekend, too. Might be swinging back again. We'll see. The story's all there. I just struggle with the medium.

Yay I have Monies
I thought I'd be blowing paychecks on yarn and shiny things. Nope. Music. I have been consuming music like it's going out of style. Yes, one can pirate music, and I have been known to, but not from the people who actually need that money, like Red State and Marian Call.

House Concert!
Rebecca Loebe, my house, 7pm, February 11. The day before Boskone. You want to go to there. If you like S00j and Juliana Finch, you'll like Becca. She's awesome. One of Those Voices.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Llama proteins could play a vital role in the war on terror. I love that headline.
* Dude. Just look at this frog.
* Inflammation "on switch" also serves as "off switch". This is relevant to my interests.
* The neuroscience of screwing up.
* Yes, yes, all y'all called it: Liquid Diamonds for real. (I guess I'm an underwater thing.)

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Jeans, stripey socks, black sparkly shirt, red sweater.
Reading: Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton. DON'T JUDGE ME I did not spend money on it and it is for the unintentional humor value! Also reading A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888/1889 by Frederic Morton, and just finished The Women of Nell Gwynne's by Kage Baker.
Writing: Nothing this week, but I need to do that fleshing out of "Maxfield Parrish Blues", hopefully this afternoon; if I've the energy to get butt in chair, that could be done today and ready to submit side-by-side with "Spaces Between". Also I need to go through and see what's submittable and where I can send it. I still have one story that's been out since bloody May, advancing slowly through readers at a certain magazine.
Knitting: Still the baby blanket, but it's really looking wonderful. I am all sorts of delighted with it. I want to use this lace pattern on everything ever.
Today: Work, writing. Seeing a commedia dell'arte show with feste_sylvain; sleepover date. <3
Tomorrow: Spending the afternoon with my Clothesline Project team, sorting shirts and pulling the ones that are falling apart.I'd like to see the burlesque show that evening, if anyone can be persuaded to come with me.
Sunday: Absolutely goddamn nothing and it will stay that way. Well. Menu planning and sending Adam shopping. But I am not leaving the house. I may stay in my pajamas all day.

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