Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

So. Tired.

But hey, brief con recap before I wait for my evening companion to return to the hotel!

All of my panels so far have been awesome, and I keep getting great feedback. <3 "Take Back the Sci-Fi" was made of win this time! Strong ground rules and firm moderation were exactly what it needed.

Reading went great. :) Full house again, second year in a row! I read "Spaces Between" first, and several people were tearing up; a few have actually pressed their hands to their hearts when telling me what it was like to hear it. I am very squee about that. :) When I am less utterly exhausted, I'll take a look to see if it even really needs any editing, and it gets sent out. I followed up with "The Library, After" (which a certain editor is hanging onto) and "Nine Things About Oracles" and "And to my Wife", which will be in the next issue of Electric Velocipede. "Spaces Between" and "The Library, After are both fairly wistful, though the latter has some funny, and "Nine Things has sharp edges, so I finished with "And to my Wife" because I figured everyone could use a laugh, and it has maybe my best final line ever.

s00j concerts were fantastic, of course! The energy in these crowds is phenomenal, and S00j just beams it right back. Possibly best shows ever, not least because they were also stealthcello shows!

Um. Brain is. Tired.

Remind me to tell you all about Worldwide Fornication Day.

s00j gave me my first chimera_fancies piece - a pendant that says "And my magic is for the stories. stealthcello made me this amazing hammered copper and stone necklace that is stunning, and you guys, it is not fair that she is so beautiful *and* such a fantastic musician *and* she has this gift with jewelry too! Unfair distribution! Wow. arianhwyvar gave me one of her gorgeous wirewrapped key pendants, with wings, and it matches my corset so I wore it all day.

That and getting my IAF auction winnings - the art yarn by Emily and the mask by Mandy - and I am just continually gobsmacked by how completely amazing my friends are. How talented. How everything. My refrain for much of today was "Wow. I am so incredibly lucky that these people are in my life."

And I got to see asim dance to Gnarls Barkley (energy explosion!) and tisana dance to s00j (rrow!), and I'm really glad they weren't last, because I had to run to a panel.

And my only real complaint is that there are so many fantastic people here and so many "whee!" things constantly going on that I am running myself ragged. Sorta hanging by a thread right now, and would totally just go to sleep if I didn't have evening plans.

Tomorrow afternoon I rest. After frantic packing and a final panel tomorrow morning.

And... more details when I can think straight, which I totally cannot right now.

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