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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to michele_blue!

Ooof. So. My primary care doctor, for the last several months, as been renewing my Lunesta one month at a time, not for the usual six months. I don't know why, because I've had so many other things going on that dealing with that wasn't a high priority. And I've been dealing with it a lot this week, so I didn't notice how low we were.

And so I did not have a pill for last night. Despite the fact that we called it in on Sunday, and CVS had ample time to contact the doctor, and the doctor had ample time to renew the scrip, someone dropped the ball somewhere. Should I have been calling them daily to see if the scrip was in? Probably, given past experience. Is that my responsibility? No.

So we called the doctor on call, who was an utter bitch and spent the whole call interrupting me to chastise me like I'm an idiot child and refusing to let me explain the situation. We finally got her to call in a scrip for one pill, because otherwise I'd be utterly nonfunctional today and tomorrow, and I get to call my doctor today to go "WTF."

And I get to call the GI doc's office again. What a treat.

Disaster Relief
* help_haiti
* Free Wyrding Studios shiny for $25+ donation

Link Soup
* You can get Wacky Packs for your walls now!
* Comic-book missed connections.
* The 3six5 is live. A year in the life of everybody. Mine's coming up March 17th.
* Locals - coupon for Zing! Pizza. They do gluten-free. So you can take me there. Just sayin'.

Daily Science
Dave Ng has just formally announced the Phylomon Project. Here's the hook: a paper published in 2000 determined that an 8 year old could identify and characterize 120 different Pokemon characters, but when it comes to animals in their own backyard, kids have no clue...
The Phylomon Project is inviting the graphic design, gamer, and science education communities on board, first to create a series of playing cards that depict real animals, second, to design compelling games to use them, and third, to try them out with kids.

It's Bring Your asim to Work Day! Well, not actually bringing him into the office. But into town, yes, and he'll explore while I fight crime, and then we shall have lunch. Tonight we shall hopefully see s00j, omnisti, and stealthcello!
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