Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Midafternoon Miscellany

* Called doctor. He's seeing patients through 5:30pm, but should call me after that or tomorrow morning. I made the situation clear to the receptionist, who was not the person I spoke to yesterday, but was able to verify that the person I spoke to yesterday had e-mailed the doctor (five hours after I spoke to her, but whatever). So that's where that is.

* It is sometimes difficult to be patient with the dangerously stupid. I give that particular comment thread (elsejournal) one more exchange before I say yep, this person isn't just stupid, s/he's willfully malevolent and unteachable, and take myself off and knit or nap. (Said person seems to think it's totally okay for an adult to molest the kids he's coaching, and that that's not really "rape" or "abuse" and the perpetrator should be given a free pass. Bonus points for the "people only do that stuff because they themselves were abused, so he needs therapy instead of jail" line, which has been pretty conclusively disproven at this point. By numerous studies. And, y'know, I myself have managed to go on living for almost 36 years without raping anyone, and that has not been particularly difficult for me. Not that any of the articles even claim that this perpetrator is an abuse survivor. The idiot's just falling all over him/herself to offer up excuses, I know not why.) EDIT: Yeah, the person's unteachably stupid. And they're not the only one.

* Yay, Elayna's home! Hi, Elayna!

* Official word: We cannot bring cats to work. Aw. Sorry, Max. (There was a mouse, so a few of us eagerly offered to bring our Mighty Hunters in to handle the situation. Yes, I know Jack and Victoria a better hunters. But Max is my favorite.)

* I am having great forward momentum on a number of projects. This makes me full of yay. <3
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