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Today would have been my_catharsis's birthday.

Happy birthday to my bratty little brother farren, and to ericmarin and badger2305!

Hello to new readers frankincensy and meihua_polls!

Doing pretty well.

I've joined rachel_swirsky's story-a-week challenge, to get myself kick-started. Sometimes external pressure helps. Yes, thunderpigeon, one of those will be for you. Also I owe flash/poetry to s00j, asim, and ianhess, and I will see if I can do one of those a day til done before settling down to the story of the week. Because I feel guilty when stuff is left undone.

Link Soup
* Some of you perked up when I mentioned our cats' beloved knitted catnip mice. Good news! eilonwy has more for sale!
* You have been lied to. Now set that lie down and walk on.
* I totally want to do this now.
* Goblin Fruit! Guest-edited by time_shark, featuring great stuff by shweta_narayan and seajules, among others.

Daily Science
Coloured lights could be used to find treatments for brain disorders such as epilepsy, a study has suggested.

Work. A bra fitting at Intimacy. (2:00, if anyone wants to join me and get measured!) Finding gluten-free late lunch/early dinner. Holing up in a coffeehouse and writing until BARCC Peer Supe meeting.

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