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c1 asked about:

I lived in Las Vegas in the bad old days. I write about it quite a lot. My experiences there were not all good ones. Most of 'em weren't; Vegas was, in many ways, my breaking ground. But it was a deeply formative place, and the very particular brokenness of the city still fascinates me.

This was taken by an ex-boyfriend the morning after we gave a friend a threeway for her birthday. More details would be indiscreet, I b'lieve....

Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal, iconified in glorious motion by brujah. A favorite movie. This is my favorite "AAAAAAAAGH make it stop" icon.

Made by thryn. I am a throwback. It took me a ridiculously long time to finally embrace CDs. I still have cases of cassette tapes. This also gets used as a general music icon that isn't dance-specific.

Photo by photognome... 2006, I think? Early in the year? Could be '05. We were doing a photo shoot in the hot tub at RetroHaven (which has a waterfall!), and I overheated, as I am wont to do; I climbed out to rest a bit and just naturally folded in on myself on the lip of the hot tub, and 'gnome said "Don't. Move." and started snapping pictures of me. This is actually a very natural relaxed-'song pose. When I need to Make An Impression, I am expansive; I am bigger than I am, I take up more space so's not to be overlooked. I contract when relaxed. I curl up.
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