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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Five Small Words 
10th-Jan-2010 01:41 pm
Digging through my inbox, I found people's long-ago requests for me for the five-words meme, wherein I am meant to elaborate on what the five assigned words mean to me.

From ktpinto:

* Family: Is not necessarily of blood. I am very much about chosen family; I have sisters that are technically no relation to me, but they're sisters all the same. Cousins, too. Family is Home.

* Creativity: I don't so much know how to address this one, which angle to take! I am surrounded by creative people. I spin stories out of random fragments of life. kythryne looks at a pile of beads and makes of it something exquisite. s00j makes there be music. So many people. Everyone has something. And if you don't have something that you do or make or are, maybe you just haven't found your thing yet. But I think all people are inherently creative. You can see it in the way children play.

* Motherhood: Kicks ass. Really, having Elayna = best decision ever. And sometimes she drives me crazy, yeah, but she's a teenager. This happens. But she's kinda one of the most awesome people I know, and raising her has brought a lot of good stuff out of me, too, I think. I et totally excited thinking about her future.

* Conventions: Fun and crazy and busy. Cons for me are mostly business these days, but they're *fun* business. In what other career can you run around a hotel laughing in a corset all weekend? What other career that I would actually do, mind you. Also, great opportunity to see friends from far away, wonderful energy, epic parties.

* Jewelry: Addicted to shiny things. Magpie 'song. I love jewelry - the bigger/more unusual the better. I never used to wear it, believe it or not, but I have spent the last five years developing a tolerance for iocane powder the last... seven years or so? edging into general peacockery, shifting from jeans and t-shirts to sparkly skirts and corsets, feathers and beads. Oh, and behold my most recent purchase. Dude.

From mangosteen:

* Twirling: Makes my skirts flare out in a way that is most pleasing to me, and makes my quite giddy.

* Curving: Waist to hip to thigh when I'm lying on my side; that's my favorite. Curves in general are good. On other women. On my cane, which has many twists that are pleasing to the hand.

* Smiling: I think I disorient fellow commuters when I smile at them. They always look startled before they smile back. I wish I was less self-conscious about my smile...

* Singing: I sing all the time, and wish I was better at it! Have been told that with voice lessons, I'd be good, but they're not as high a priority as a new laptop. But I sing all the time anyway. Unsurprising, given my name of choice. Dance, too.

* Working: When you gave me these, work was still 100% the writing. But now it is BARCC. And... dude, I love working at BARCC, even with days like Friday. Because it is meaningful work, which is what I have always wanted. I am actively doing good in the world.
10th-Jan-2010 06:56 pm (UTC)
I sing all the time anyway. Unsurprising, given my name of choice. Dance, too.

I can so picture you and s00j having entire conversations in song. Might be fun to try that. Even kind of a voice lesson!
10th-Jan-2010 07:08 pm (UTC) - family
i got friends all over this country
i got friends in other countries too
i got friends i haven't met yet
i got friends i never knew
i got lovers whose eyes
i've only seen at a glance
i got strangers for great grandchildren
i got strangers for ancestors

Yep, that's how I feel about family too.
10th-Jan-2010 07:21 pm (UTC)
I LOVE Sihaya's jewelry. I splurged myself a few months ago and got one of her Sylvan Leaves necklaces...a birch leaf dipped in iridescent copper. It's one of my favourite pieces of jewelry now.
11th-Jan-2010 01:15 am (UTC)
I wondered who the lucky person who got to Bisected before me was...now I know! It is beautiful!
11th-Jan-2010 01:35 am (UTC)
I promise you it will be well-loved!
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