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Thor's Day

Oh hey, it's another big day for awesome people to be born! Happy birthday to beelavender, liminalia, mister_wolf, slipjig (who, it cannot be stated enough, sold a Sunday crossword to the NYT!), and terracinque!

Oddly achy and tired. Did I get accidentally glutened? Maybe the kitchen was not wiped down as much as it needed to be after Elayna baked brownies on Tuesday; I did all of yesterday's meal prep.

Walk for Change
I said it last night, but will say it again: Please sponsor me. :)

Also, you can join my team and walk with me!

People Who Require Assistance
* More details on how you can help gafferbear - mostly Denver-specific, but not all.
* idiomagic needs $4,000 worth of dental work - ouch! She's offering tarot reading, proofreading, research, data entry, jewelry, and massage (in Austin).
* "On August 22, 2009 Matthew Hodge, the 17-year-old son of former Disney story artist and Big Idea productions director Tim Hodge, was in a serious auto accident...While Matt suffered neither broken bones nor any internal organ damage, he did receive severe head trauma causing him to remain in a state of coma today...Being self-employed, the Hodge family has short term medical insurance that will not fully cover all of their bills." The National Cartoonists Society Foundation is holding an auction to raise money for his care. [h/t creentmerveille]

Link Soup
* Phoe makes jewelry. You want some.
* Clothes discarded by H&M are first destroyed, so the homeless can't wear them. The kicker? There's a clothing donation place *on that block*; it literally would be easier to go donate the clothes instead of taking the time to cut them up. (I remember being homeless in Vegas and keeping track of what restaurants rendered their food inedible before throwing it out at closing time. McDonalds unwrapped all the burgers before tossing them in the dumpster. Pizza Hut would gently set the pizza boxes on the back steps and close the door, because they knew we were there and they wouldn't have to report anything to the manager if they didn't actually *see* us take the pizza.)
* The origins of "Om nom nom"! Related: I so want to meet Cookie Monster.
* End of Time spoilers: Mock Facebook pages for the Doctor and the Master.

Daily Science
University of Florida urologists have used robot-assisted surgery to cut about 20 minutes off average surgery time for conventional vasectomy reversal using a microscope.

What I want to know is who's going to let a robot slice & dice their vas deferens.

Work, home. Seeing if I can get a bit of writing done. Also must go through my inbox, which is getting unwieldy again.
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