Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My eligibility. Let me show you it.

Oh hai guys. It is time for the annual self-effacing "um, so there are some awards..." post.

Hugo-eligible stuff
Who can nominate? Aussiecon and Anticipation members (Worldcon '09 and '10)
How does one nominate? Click here!
What's eligible?
* "The Angel of Fremont Street", Chizine, January 2009
* "Fortune", Ravens in the Library, February 2009
* "Valentines", Interfictions 2, November 2009.

All short stories.

As 2009 marked my first publication, I am also eligible for the John W. Campbell Award.

Rhysling-eligible stuff
Who can nominate? Members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.
How does one nominate? Click here!
What's eligible?
* "When Her Eyes Open", Lone Star Stories, February 2009 (long poem category)
* "Twelve", Cabinet des Fees, March 2009 (short poem category)

Rose and Bay
A new award for crowdfunded fiction; dulcinbradbury nominated Wind Tunnel Dreams already (thanks!), so I shall just nudge y'all when it's time to vote.

And that is all for now. Yeah, I was a slacker from February '09 onward - life went crazy. Must get back on track. I do have a few poems & flash fiction coming out in 2010, but I need to be doing more. Hopefully once I get an actual schedule going.
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