Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Answers, part one

What is Diesel?
A coffeehouse in Somerville where polyamorous geeky Bostonians gather on Tuesday evenings.

How are you doing?
Hangin' in. There's a lot of grit-my-teeth-and-keep-moving this month, but I know that being off gluten will help.

What's your secret?
I don't really have any that aren't also someone else's. And I can't tell those!

What's your biggest goal for 2010?
Finish a book. Ideally, the rape culture book and/or Cicatrix.

What do you do if you can't make yourself do what you need?
...flail about it a lot? Also feel very cranky with myself if I know what I need and am still digging in my heels.

If you could have a marine animal for a pet (assuming you lived adjacent to its habitat) what would it be?
Hm. No marine animals really feel petlike to me! I'm fond of sea urchins...

what favorite food would you like to make gluten-free?
Bread. I want bread that tastes and feels like bread.

Heck, the only things I could possibly ask you, aren't really any of my business.
Yeah, but you can ask anyway.

What is one thing you want more than anything in the world? (something tangible)
A universal cure for disease. Not just mine. Everyone's. A magical pill with no side effects that you just pop once and hey presto! Cured!

Do you mean something more realistic? In that case, a house. I miss owning a home and being able to do with it what I please.

What should I write next?
The thing you were writing before, novelwise!

how do you keep it together, when you're hanging by a thread?
Heh. I don't always. *rueful grin* In all seriousness, I do because I have to; because I am depended upon. This is not a superhero complex. It's an Elayna-and-Adam thing.

Is the secret to being polyamorous not being afraid your lover will leave you for someone else?
The secret to polyamory is Google Calendar.

Yes, people laugh when I say that, but look who's laughing - the monogamous folks! I tell you again. Google Calendar. Learn it. Love it.

Okay, but really, physical tools aside: Communication. Honesty. Mutual respect among everyone involved. And yes, emotional security and self-confidence.

And you snuck a question into your secret! Yes, I've posed (those are by photognome in 2003), and will again in 2010.

Will we ever get to see each other when you come to Florida?
I hope so! It sucks that both you and haikujaguar are just that little bit too out of the way. :(

Is there intelligent life on earth?
My cat's pretty smart.

What do you wish for?
Health for myself and all my friends. An end to rape and sexual assault. Everyone I know to be doing what makes them happy and energizes them. All of my friends who want kids to have 'em. The motivation to sit my ass down and write. The time to sit my ass down and write. The time to date more! A TARDIS. Or a time turner and a teleporter. I wish for all the awesome people to move to Boston. I wish for a roller-skating birthday party with a Spider-Man cake. Revenge upon my enemies. An artist for Shayara and "Happy Hour at the Tooth and Claw". A hedgehog. A new laptop. I wish for celiac to be my body's actual problem, because then I will feel well. And I wish for 2010 to be the best year yet, and for things to only get better from there.
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