Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day two hours early

Because I'll be going in for my biopsy stupidly early, and I don't know when I'll rise from the anesthetic fog.

I was so bitterly exhausted today, and achier than I've been in some time. Probably partly weather, partly travel. Will be better soon.

Manic Monday
When my boss returns from vacation, I'll be suggesting a schedule change - working afternoons on Mondays when I have Peer Supe meetings, so I don't have to kill five hours running around town. If she isn't in favor - well, at least it'll be easier when I'm off gluten. Today did not suck in that I got to visit with asciikitty and yarn-shop, and got a surprise late lunch and hangout time with c1, but still, I was yawning all through the meeting. We'll see how I do next time, when my baseline energy is higher and pain is lower.

Your Daily Chance to Do Good
gafferbear requires your assistance! See here.

Gaffer lives in Boulder CO, which is really freaking cold right about now, as it normally is at the turn of the year. Part of what this means is that busking isn't really an option right now, so his income has been cut pretty drastically. And, unfortunately, he's just had an emergency come up that requires him to find new living space and get moved into it on very very short notice. In short, he needs a miracle. Gaffer is physically pretty fragile and isn't going to be able to do all this himself. He could also use some help finding a new place that (a) fulfills his own needs and (b) he's able to afford on his fairly limited housing budget.

There may also be some other stuff people who don't live in Boulder could do to help--I'll be talking with him tonight to find out the details and will share them as they become available. Some of it will be simple financial help, other parts will be things like helping him to set up a website to sell his CD's.

Link Soup
* Theoretical treatments for celiac disease
* mangosteen wants your measurable resolutions.
* Interesting theory re: Doctor Who: The End of Time (spoilers!).
* Boston FiberCamp.
* haikujaguar is having her Three Kings Sale!

Daily Science
By combining a research technique that dates back 136 years with modern molecular genetics, a Johns Hopkins neuroscientist has been able to see how a mammal's brain shrewdly revisits and reuses the same molecular cues to control the complex design of its circuits.

Biopsy. Sleep. I have nothing else scheduled, because I don't know how well my body will cope!
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