Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Spent most of today in bed, and most of the rest of today in the bathroom. Gluten toxicity like whoa.

And now my parents are giving me a hard time about not having steak or a burger for dinner, and I am having to hold my ground and crankily insist that really I just want my leftover salad, because even that may be too much solid food.

And this post was just interrupted for ten minutes to explain to my mother *again* that I am feeling really sick and why, and to have a conversation loop with my grandmother that consisted of variations on the following:

Her: "Salad? You should eat solid food."
Me: "That is solid food. It crunches, even."
Her: "Something you ate made you sick?"
Me: "... *yes*."
Her: "You don't know what you ate that made you sick?"
Me: "I do. It's the bread."
Her: "You could freeze some and ship it up to you and eat it when you feel better."
Me: "..."

I am limp like dishrag and weak like kitten and really tired of having the same conversation several times a day with half a dozen people. Also I got little sleep and no one would shut up long enough for me to nap.

Iz can be birthfamily time nao? Then home? Then biopsy?


My grandmother can apparently grasp "gluten makes me sick" and "I have to eat gluten for the biopsy", just not at the same time. So. We are on infinite repeat here.


My brother-in-law: "We don't have picky eaters where I come from. They just eat what's on their plates."
Me: "And then some of them die young of various gastric cancers."
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