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Hello to new reader lizziecrowe and returning readers missrachael and voldsom!

Am very ready to be off gluten now. Just one more week...

Also, accidental solstice vigil is not FTW. Tired 'song is tired.

New Year's Eve
This will be my first year being in Boston for NYE, and it occurs to me that once again I have trashed invitations because I thought I wasn't going to be local, but I am. feste_sylvain reminded me of a party when he saw me RSVP to a different party on Facebook. And I just got another invite. But it occurs to me that I do not know about regular NYE parties in Boston, as I've never been around for 'em. So. If I've not responded to your invite, poke me.

EDIT: Semi-related, I do not get why random acquaintances of mine have RSVPed to my BARCC colleague's party on Facebook when they don't know him or any of the other hosts. It's not like he'll boot people out if he didn't invite them personally, but when I didn't either, and they're just crashing parties I've RSVPed to, it's... weird. Isn't it? Am I off here?

Is making me a little bit crazy.

Link Soup
* Map quilts!
* What's your "stop doing" list?

Daily Science
Deep inside an abandoned iron mine in northern Minnesota, physicists may have spotted the clearest signal yet of dark matter, the mysterious stuff that is thought to make up 90 per cent of the mass of the universe.

I need a nap like whoa. Dad wants to haul us out to the mall to look for snow boots for Elayna (yes, in Florida, yes, this is three days in a row for him for the mall, no, I do not get it). No plans tonight that I'm aware of. I'm liking having not much to do. My October, November, and first half of December so solidly kicked my ass. I needed this.
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