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Details - Boston family in need

Copying and pasting from my friend on Facebook:

Some of you may know already that Wesline and her family have recently endured a major tragedy. On Sunday 11/28 there was a dreadful fire in her home. Thank goodness, Wesline and her family are all safe! Unfortunately, due to the extensive fire/smoke damage, most all their personal belongings were lost. Having to take time off work to seek new housing, etc., Wesline finally reached out and shared her burden- Needless to say, this is a very tough time for them! The holidays (and cold season!) will be grim for this family of 6 without your compassion. So, if any of you would like to help, please bring in an age appropriate gift or donation to help Wesline & her kids have a nice Christmas :)
Clothing has been coming in- Thank you all so much! I'm still waiting on sizing/etc for the older children & mother (not the typical work conversation- So, what size are you?) :P
In response to your generous offers of gift card donations, etc, the most helpful stores are the following:
Kids R Us
Toys R Us
'Tis the holiday season, & these little troopers not only lost all their beloved toys& games, but are looking at a fairly bleak Xmas :(
Wesline’s Children:
Unique, girl- 9 years

Darren, boy- 4 years

Pepe’, boy-2 years

Lanelle, girl-18 months

Joyce Karen, girl- 5 months

Donations can be brought to Somerville, MA (I will be collecting things for the Josephs this evening &over the weekend) or the coming Mon-Wed in Watertown, MA during usual office hours (8am-6pm) at my office- about a mile from the Arsenal mall!

I'm in the airport, on my way to FL, so I can't coordinate - please e-mail Caroline at for dropoff address info, mailing address, etc. Tell her Shira sent you.

Thank you so much!
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