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Happy birthday to rosif3r and perldiver!

Happy early birthday to qemorio, ioianthe, tbclone47, talix18, wolfieboy, vash137, mycroft, sbisson, ahf, lordrexfear, lightgatherer, ineffabelle, alankria, and vodou_chile, who advance a year while I'm in Florida!


Link Soup
* Look! A wirewalking story!
* Precious - made for survivors, by survivors. I still need to see this.
* Diagram of geek culture.

Daily Science
In 1996, when scientists examined a meteorite from Mars previously uncovered in Antarctica, they were intrigued by what looked like microscopic fossils of ancient Martian life forms. Now, using new technology that wasn't available 13 years ago, NASA scientists have found further evidence that the materials and structures in the meteorite are likely signs of ancient life, rather than the results of inorganic processes.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Jeans, black long-sleeved shirt, dark blue cowlneck sweater, blue feathered headband.
Reading: Between books at the moment. About to stat Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys, edited by David Sterry, and Hand of Isis by Jo Graham.
Writing: I'd like to see if I can work this week's following of Jessa's story threads into actually completing the story on this trip, or at least getting close to it. I can has netbook for plane writing, yay!
Knitting: Forgive me, knitters, for I have been crazybusy; it has been over a week since I last picked up the needles. So. Same scarf, same shawl. In carryon bag, so will get stuff done on the plane.
Planning: Work, then flying to Florida. I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale tonight through the 23rd, when I'll be going to DeLand; I'll fly back to Boston on the 27th.

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