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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
State of the 'song 
11th-Dec-2009 03:02 pm
My horoscope this week is relevant.

To prepare for his turn to hit, a Major League baseball player slips a doughnut-shaped piece of metal over the top of his bat, making it a few pounds heavier than it normally is. He then takes a number of practice swings. The theory is that when he removes the doughnut and strides up to home plate to actually hit against a pitcher who's throwing the ball at 90 miles per hour, the bat will feel lighter and he'll be able to swing faster. As you prepare for your own equivalent of going up to bat, Pisces, I urge you to use this as your operative metaphor.

This week is knocking me on my ass.

But that's okay.

Because what's knocking me on my ass is that I have had the equivalent of a 10 to 12-hour workday every single day. Work, then stuff, then more stuff, usually involving walking a few miles... lather, rinse, repeat.

And if I can deal with that - and it's not easy and I could not do it for any longer than this, but I did deal with it this week -

A four-hour workday is no problem at all.

Next week will also be pretty packed, but mostly just with workday + evening stuff, not running-around-from-7am-to-10pm stuff. When I get back, and after my biopsy and after I go off gluten, we'll see what my new normal is like.

BARCC job is awesome so far.
* Today I got to notify the incoming volunteers that they made the cut, so I was getting "squee!" replies all day. :)
* My officemate shares my perhaps-too-passionate obsession with Sharpies and other office supplies, and we have been told to do whatever we want with our space. We both got mischievous looks on our faces when told that. We'll get along fine. :)
* The thing I was most nervous about was the phone; my officemate and I are the first non-hotline points of contact, and I (rather notoriously) hate phones. But I've been answering them. *nod* Got my first hotline-type call today, and did fine. So good.
* My predecessor had a fascinating lack of filing system, plus there are files on and around this desk from, say, people who applied and didn't make the cut in 2006. So. A big chunk of today was pulling everything that is clearly not relevant and filing it. Next week is seeing what's actually in the other folders (things are labeled with what they held years ago, which bears no relation to what they currently hold) and getting everything organized.
* My officemate found the labelmaker. Fun for days!

Now I rest, for soon I go look at apartments with fiddle_dragon. Then Zaftig's, for probably my last-ever granola pancakes.
11th-Dec-2009 08:52 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you are settling in just fine, then. (The lack of filing system reminds me of my Wakefield library job, in which I had to sort the entire periodical section by hand, catalog when they remodeled, and then enter data when they joined the 21st century.)

*thumbs up* Congrats on surviving! This was a crazy first week for you, but like you said, things will fall into the new normal for you and become more manageable.

Ooh, granola pancakes! Enjoy!
12th-Dec-2009 12:12 am (UTC)

I found you through a friend from the racebending LiveJournal.

Your posts are awesome and you like Hunter S. Thompson, so I wanted to give you a heads up that I added you.

12th-Dec-2009 03:48 am (UTC)
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Those pancakes looked amazing, btw...

And after the biopsy, I shall make you some *delish* gluten free pancakes and crepes...seriously.
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