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What a big birthday weekend for wonderful people! Happy birthday and early birthday to jesshartley, csecooney, quiet_elegance, nayad, tammy212, angelmcc, and tithenai!

This whole week has consisted of me pulling 12-15 hours of solid unrelenting activity per day, which I don't handle well. Add in the gluten, and I am beat. Thankfully I have a few hours to rest after work today, and next week will set the pace for my new normal - no hours of stuff directly after work, no not getting home til 10pm.

Link Soup
Make your own; I have not seen the internet in two/three days.

Friday Memeage
Wearing Green long-sleeved shirt and tan pants that I swore fit me on Monday, but are now too big; if this cannot be remedied with a belt, I'll switch to jeans.
Reading: Oh noes, I am between books! Must grab something from the library pile.
Writing: Oh you are so so funny.
Knitting: Seriously. So funny!
Today: work, nap, looking at a house with fiddle_dragon, dinner with felisdemens & co.
Tomorrow: All the stuff no one has done around the house in my absence, nap, going to The Slutcracker with feste_sylvain - and we have an extra ticket. Anyone interested?
Sunday: Tree-trimming party at feste_sylvain and tamidon's.

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