Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

In very brief...

...because I am medicated and what to read a bit more of The Devil's Alphabet before I conk out, because it is verra good indeed...

Job = awesome. One cannot underestimate the awesomeness of
a) actively working to make the world a better place
b) doing exactly what you ought to be doing and are passionate about
c) getting paid to do stuff you've been doing/would do for free
d) having a wonderful friendly workplace
And with this job, I have all of the above. WIN.

...also I feel a bit like a celebrity, as apparently my Gala speech made an Impact. I think that was my real job interview!

Weather = heinous. Soaked to the skin, umbrella blowing inside out over and over. Chores should've been fun. This made them hell.

Read a good book at Peet's, though, and started another at Starbucks, waiting out the rain.

New volunteer info session/interviews = also good. This is a thing I'll be running from now on. Volunteer coordination is part of the job.

Getting home at 9:30, twelve and a half hours after leaving home = not so fun. But that's an unusual circumstance.

Tomorrow I have two back to back tablings after work, but they may not need me at the second, in which case HOME. And then helping fiddle_dragon on ApartmentQuest '09.

For now? Bed plz kthx.
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