Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to ursamajor!

Same. Decent sleep last night, at least.

Job Starts Tomorrow!
And I finally dragged myself down to the Gap for pants, yay. The Gap is the only clothing chain that routinely carries pants for short women with hips and butts. Gap Outlet means two pairs of pants that actually fit and therefore don't require the additional cost of hemming, for $40.00. Had a marked lack of success at Bath & Body Works (brown sugar/fig = discontinued!) and Claire's (employee did not feel like working), but I got what I needed for work. *decisive nod*

Tomorrow's my first day of work since March 2006. It'll be a big adjustment! Thankfully, December's not one of BARCC's crazy months - February, April, September, and October are the killers, so I'll have time to get used to the job before things really go nuts. I'm a little apprehensive just because, with the gluten challenge, I do not have the level of energy I had when I decided I was up to returning to work. This week and next may have a bunch of early nights/afternoon naps. But after the biopsy, I'll get that energy back. I'm tough. I can do this.

Link Soup
* Why I take the 73 to Harvard Square and walk to Central instead of just taking the 70 straight to Central.
* This is exactly the problem Adam and I had with this week's SNL. I also noted at the time the wrongness of not just playing domestic violence for laughs, but segueing from that into a performance by arguably the most prominent domestic violence survivor of the moment.

Daily Science
In what is a surprising discovery, scientists have found tsunami-style towering waves that race across the face of the Sun.

Daily BPAL
Diable en Boite: redwood, bitter clove, tonka, hemp accord, and tobacco with peach blossom, black currant, and red musk.
In bottle: Spicy musky woods! <3
On me: The clove pops even more. Mmm. And oh, there's the currant. Yum!

Faunalia: The scent of a thick, starlit, unspoiled forest, with a burst of wild musk, opobalsamum, black bryony, mandragora, and hemlock.
In bottle: !? Cleaning products?
On me: Whatever is doing that is my new least favorite thing. Ack. Feh. WTF is getting all citrusy up in here?

Oy gevalt for serious. Post office, ATM, library. Meeting Elayna at her hairstylist at 3; sending her off home from there and catching the bus from there to Harvard Square for cosmetics (I'm sorry, Maybelline Great Lash is dreadful clumpy stuff, and it looks like fake eyelashes on me, which is okay for going out dancing but not for the office) and Lush (oh hai holiday shopping), the Porter Square for yarn, then Diesel - who's going to Diesel tonight? Because I know Mark's not, and if it's going to be deserted-ish, I don't so much need to go. Either way, I need to be home earlyish.

(EDIT: Actually, since I have time to kill between 1 and 6 tomorrow, I can just do the Harvard/Porter stuff tomorrow if I don't feel like going out.)

(ALSO EDIT: Yeah, I think being home tonight is saner; I'm out every other night this week and weekend.)

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