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Hello to new reader nightbird!

Beat and achy from selling lavender for BARCC yesterday; 3 hours bouncing around + an hour of transit time/walking each way = tired 'song. Will have a nice hot bath this morning.

The staffer we were tabling with yesterday said that when she first saw the job opening, she was hoping I'd apply. Yay! Everyone seems so enthusiastic. I am very much looking forward to this.

My hair is now in chin-length-to-shoulder-length layers. I feel weird. I look like a grownup. *fusses* I am dissatisfied. Not because it is an inherently bad haircut - it's well-done. But it's not me.

So I compensated by buying myself a headband from these folks yesterday. It's like the one the shopowner's wearing in her pic, but blue - feathers and netting and sparkles. (And 50% off!)

Anyone wants to buy me a gift, things to dress up my hair would not go amiss. Barrettes and clips are good, but headbands are even better, as they make my hair look less thin... this store has some nifty ones, too.

Sale for a Cause!
Small Beer Press is having a mega-awesome sale to benefit Franciscan Children's Hospital. Go check that out. If you haven't bought Interfictions 2 yet, now's the time and that's the place, and Small Beer has lots of other great stuff, too.

Link Soup
* Very comprehensive article on campus rape.
* I <3 today's shirt.w00t.
* Feministe wants your feminist SF/F recommendations!
* Ancient city of Pompeii added to Google Street View. (We live in the future.)

Daily Science
Bright, long-lived blast appears to be elusive pair-instability supernova.

Daily BPAL
But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light: cistus labdanum, ginger, East Indian patchouli, pimento berry, oakmoss, saffron, smoky vanilla, sage, myrrh, and bitter clove.
In bottle: Dark, dark! Labdanum and patchouli, mostly.
On me: Pimento and myrrh come out, too. Wisps of moss and sage. Very moody and complex. Vanilla and saffron take a while to emerge.

Ded Moroz: golden amber, white amber, redwood, teak, bois du rose, sage, tree moss, and snow.
In bottle: Bright and clear!
On me: Also moss and sage, and crystal-cold air.

Nap, I hope? Was up at 4 again. which had better not keep happening, what with work starting Wednesday. Wasn't happening when I was gluten-free, so... *crosses fingers*

Today's my day for getting stuff done here - gift wrapping, $WINTERHOLIDAY internet shopping/shopping list, getting house in order, blocking the second Noro shawl, getting together stuff I want to bring for my desk. Tomorrow's the doing-stuff-outside-the-house day.
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