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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Hair appointment's been made; getting 5-6" chopped off tomorrow. 
4th-Dec-2009 11:24 am
Hair appointment's been made; getting 5-6" chopped off tomorrow.
(Deleted comment)
4th-Dec-2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
4th-Dec-2009 04:52 pm (UTC)
I am like you, even when I did a thing and shaved it all off so I was a fuzzy tennis ball, I still dreamed my long hair…

It will grow back and be think and full and lovely again.
4th-Dec-2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
As someone who identifies greatly with her own hair, please try and see the silver lining in this.
**Hair grows back.**
BUT! More importantly, as you have left off some meds that were oviously messing with you and cut gluten out of your diet (or you will be anyway) and have seen a lot less inflammation and ick in our life, your hair will grow back in thicker, stronger, and more lustrous. And because you are cutting some off, you will notice that quicker than if you hadn't.
I know it is going to be hard to think of yourself with shorter hair, but shoulder-length is Veronica Lake hair! (And ALL of Hollywood agreed she has the BEST HAIR!)
Also! Think of silly things you can do with it shorter- puffy pig tails, poofs and spikes, will it be short enough to get into a mohawk (ok a fauxhawk)??? etc.
Let Elayna style it, she'll know just what to do!
You're beautiful! Don't forget that!!!!
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