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Happy birthday to childofchaos!

Happy early birthday to phantom_wolfboy, who advances a year over the weekend!

Ugh sluggish and brainfoggy.

Eating gluten feels like self-injury. Because it is. And I gotta. But much as I do love tortellini, this is not fun, and I have to push myself to do it every time. When I adjust to a new condition, I do a hard reset; this stuff already scans as toxic to me.

And it reminds me of the food issues in the one Bujold book, and damn, it's not like I don't have enough Food Issues to start with.

IAF Auctions
They all end on Monday! I tell you now that all I want for Chanukah (besides a new laptop) is this. Also love this. And I already have one of these; you should get one so we can be necklace twins. :)

What People Do After We Save Them
I've seen criticism elsejournal about the "save x" communities that spring up, and the criticism is always along the lines of "what are they going to do then, to keep this from happening again?"

help_vera was one of the first of these communities. So what's Vera been up to in the year since? Let her tell you.

This is the story of a woman busting her ass to take care of herself. I know we like it best when people put in the work and do everything they can, and that's what Vera's been doing.

Help Vera help herself.

Another Person to Help
letoile lays it out for you here.

Update on Max
Because the first "oh gods help I need money" thing I saw on LJ was mine. This was before the days of auctions; I raised the money by writing flash fiction with a tip jar.

In 2007, Max developed feline resorption; the dentist originally estimated treatment at $300-$500, because he thought it was periodontal disease, but that shot up over $1,000 when he got Max on the operating table and saw that he needed seven teeth out plus jaw repair. With the previous tests to rule out cancer, that became $1,500. Thankfully, money was raised!

So here's a two-year update about Max.

He's doing great. :) Within months of his surgery, he was completely back to normal - even better than normal. He used to be very much a mama's boy, but he's become far friendlier to random friends and visitors; he'll even sit in your lap these days. I take this as a sign that he's no longer in pain - he feels that he can trust people other than me.

So those of you who were around back in the day - thank you again. Max is better than ever. <3

Link Soup
* I was looking through old pics recently and found one that has my body roughly the size and shape it is now. So here you go - me wearing nothing but the complete works of Shakespeare.
* Yay new csecooney story!
* Norman Osborn is crazy, y0.
* We're having a Wells vs. Verne debate at Arisia, you know.

Daily Science
After feeding a light-sensitive chemical to transparent, microscopic worms called nematodes, scientists at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia were able to paralyze the tiny creatures by exposing them to UV light.

Also? This is a National Geographic article that contains a Dr. Horrible reference. Dude!

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Black polka-dot pajamas.
Reading: Wild Hunt by Margaret Ronald and a big stack of books abut celiac disease.
Writing: I have lain fallow this week.
Knitting: Here, too. Doing a few rows of Elayna's zigzag-rib scarf and the Travelling Woman shawl where I can, but I've not had much time.
Planning: Visiting with sairaali and emilytheslayer today, and possibly lunalovegoddess and family? Tonight, hopefully a Men's Story Project event with some BARCC colleagues.
I swear there's a lot going on tomorrow, but I don't know what; I might've had a friend coming into town, so I didn't make a note of anything, but he can't. So. What's up?
Sunday I'm tabling for BARCC at the Bazaar Bizarre, selling our lavender products; all proceeds go straight to BARCC. You should come on by! Do your holiday shopping!

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