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Mall of Shadesong!

And away we go!

aaronace: "Tomorrowland: The Art of Aaron Acevedo: An evocative and otherworldly collection of over 100 full color images from an emerging creator of fantasy, horror, and science fiction illustration. Acevedo's work, an unusual mix of traditional media and modern digital techniques, has won critical acclaim, including multiple Origins awards. This collection includes selections from many popular properties, including Call of Cthulhu, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Deadlands, Warlord, Legend of the Five Rings, Suzerain, and many more."

anotherjen: "My books: 21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life, Magickal Judaism: Connecting Pagan and Jewish Practice, Rites of Pleasure: Sexuality in Wicca and NeoPaganism. You can buy autographed copies of any of these directly from me, if you want."

haikujaguar: "I write books about aliens!"

jimhines: "The Mermaid's Madness just came out last month. If anyone feels like giving a copy of one of my books as a Christmas gift, contact me and I'll send you a signed bookplate to go with it. (U.S. only, I'm afraid.)"

jolantru: "My novel: YA, steampunk, speculative fiction."

just_the_ash: "My book and chapbook are available from Pecan Grove Press at this page -- and I'm also taking commissions for custom poems."

kradical: "I am Keith R.A. DeCandido. I write stuff. Current work includes the monthly Farscape comics, which are available at your local comic shop, and also from Things from Another World, and other online sources. I'm also selling autographed copies of some of the individual comics and the compilations -- e-mail me for specifics. There are currently five complete four-issue miniseries, three of which have been released in hardcover compilations, and the new ongoing monthly just started this month....
Other recent work: novels: Star Trek: A Singular Destiny and Don Pendleton's The Executioner: Code of Honor (yes, really); short stories: "Family Matters" in Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows and "Three Sides to Every Story" in BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction; essays: "Not Just a Pretty Face (or Two)" in In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural and "Avengers Assemble--in the Bookstore!" in Assembled! 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Villains; comic book: Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons."

murnkay: "I will happily pimp Stays Crunchy in Milk, my novel of pop culture, friendship and growing up. I'll even leave the official blurb: They were four: Wereberry the strawberry werewolf, Choco-Ra the chocolate mummy, The Creature From the Fruit Lagoon (his friends call him “T.C.”), and Cherrygeist the… well she was a ghost. At least, until she wasn’t. One day, she wasn’t there at all. And then they were three. Three friends who have sworn to search for her to the ends of the world and beyond – to find and save her. Through familiar lands to places startling and unknown – across looming castles, endless battlefields and simple brick roads – these three friends will hunt and search and scour every inch. Along the way they’ll have to rely on a whole lot of luck and a little bit of charm, but mostly each other. A fairy tale for the super-sugar generation, Stays Crunchy in Milk is a road novel packed with 100% of your recommended daily allowance of essential action and adventure. And it’s a delicious part of a nutritious breakfast."

rm: "I wrote The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias and Particularities. It's an HP trivia book with questions easy to really, really hard and it also includes various blurbs and essays both about mythology the series references and about the HP fandom (which is near and dear to my heart -- I spent years as a Snape cosplayer before I wrote this thing). It's available in trade paperback and Kindle editions.
I also have five essays in this upcoming anthology that came out of therealljidol contest. This includes three things that have been on my journal and two that have never been seen before.
Like tentacles? I have a story in Horror Between the Sheets. My piece is a wacky noir/cyberpunk/satire thing."

thunderpigeon: "My book Shadow of the Antlered Bird is available from Drollerie Press. I'm also in the Drollerie Press anthologies "Straying from the Path: New Tales of Little Red," "Needles & Bones," and "StereoOpticon: Tales in Split Vision." More at"

wirewalking: "Pimping my novel! 17th-century slipstream, with theatre, madness, thieves, and all that fun stuff! Shiny reviews here!"

arianhwyvar: "I make wire wrapped antique key jewelry with watch parts, brass stampings, beads and crystals, vintage pen nibs, and whatever other cool things I find. Also wire swirl earrings and other wire work pendants. My Etsy shop has full descriptions for all listed items. My website has photos of everything I've done, including items that are not yet listed on Etsy. I am able to take commissions if I have the materials. Normally I do 'right of first refusal' where the requester gets first crack at the finished piece."

briarspell: "I have a little etsy store - Ashes of Roses Designs - where I sell my faerie and fairy tale inspired jewelry and hair clips :)."

cissa: "Mostly, I make jewelry. I love commissions- though this is kinda tight time-wise to have a commission done by Xmas. Anyway, my metals sites are: AFMetalsmith and my Etsy store."

firesign10: "I have jewelry for sale over here at Faireweave, my Etsy shop. Another dozen items are waiting to be listed as well!"

FourLis: "I'm Lis, and i make wire jewelry. i opened up an etsy shop two weeks ago. i have about 90 things listed at the moment, and there will be WAY MORE after the next two weeks as i am on vacation from my 70+ hour work weeks. Now through Dec 31st, all domestic orders over $25 have free shipping, and all international orders over $50 have free shipping. I also include bonus gifts with every purchase :)"

kythryne: "OH HAI. I'm the all-purpose crazywoman in charge of Wyrding Studios. I make a living by playing with fire and hammers and pretty rocks, which is pretty much the most awesome job ever. A lot of you are already familiar with my wirework, but I've also ventured into hand-forged copper and brass (and soon, sterling) this year, including a line of hand-forged leaves. I also do something called Instant Gratification Monday every Monday night, where I do custom work in real-time with a webcam running so you can watch your shiny being made. On Cyber Monday, I'll be doing an all-day edition, with discounts!"

qotcpcf: "I still have my Etsy shop/jewelry business going, with a ton of new Steampunk stuff, along with the usual pieces inspired by stories and music. Especially those by Cat Valente and SJ Tucker ;-)"

random_girl: "Moonblush Designs, maker of shiny things! Geek, trans and fandom friendly."

ravenedgewalker: "I make Pagan Jewelry and magical tools, runes and ogham sets and sell them on ebay and etsy. I love making commissions for people."

saraphina_marie: Saraphina's Shinies - pretty beady steampunky things!

shugenja: "My son and I make earrings. Simple, easy on the wallet, and occasionally quirky. I'll be adding new items next week. I haven't had my first Etsy sale yet. Come make my day!"

sihaya09: "Sihaya Designs Jewelry! My winterholiday items just went live, and there are still plenty left!"

sofiaviolet: "I make jewelry, and I paint! I have a few things in my etsy shop and will be adding everything I have in stock over the next couple of days. I am also happy to accept commissions for custom work. (For examples of more complex jewelry: I also made three things for the blogforbarcc auctions: Thorn and Bone necklace/bracelet/earrings set, The Idea Shoppe necklace/earrings set, and Pearls and Opals necklace.)"

spoothbrush: "I sell daydream-inspired jewelry on Etsy. Monday will be the last day of my huge November sale." EDIT: "Probably my huge November sale will be extended to Thursday or Friday due to so much going on Monday-Wednesday -- so shoppers, you have time! "

wired_lizard: "Firefly Spark Jewelry: handmade beaded jewelry by me and one of my best friends. We have a wide range of styles, some made for chemistry nerds, some made for sexual deviants, some made for religious deviants, and some made purely for the sake of the SHINY. We offer magnetic clasps, hypoallergenic earrings, and the warm-and-fuzzies of supporting two unemployed craftswomen. And shiny!"

gafferbear: "CDs of lovely harp music can be purchased through e-mailing me. Various folks here on LJ can attest to them. Contact me for inquiries; I have two instrumental disks, one which has a very full sound, and one which specializes in being "the sleepy disk". I'm also still not booked much for the end of December, and accept offers of importation to lovely (and warmer) venues. Reasonable prices."

norda: "Music and storytelling on CD. We are proud to carry the Revels titles and also have some oddments not found anywhere else here in the United States."

s00j: "I'm s00j, 'song's friend and muse and oft houseguest, she who can be found on YouTube performing with Elayna and many other wonderful folks. If you or someone you know would like some fanciful songs that really have nothing to do with the holiday season at all, I have everything I've got recorded and in print available for download as well as for tangible purchase at the links listed here. Not to mention the much beloved Lost Girls Pirate Academy t-shirts and camis.
Tasty, mythilicious musics may be found, dowloaded, and devoured here, and actual physical albums and t-shirts and goodnesses live here! Same for my band Tricky Pixie --we put the Fun in Faerie --and for ordering albums & t-shirts & posters oh my!"

aaronace: "Until Monday, December 14th, I'm taking commissions to paint you or your friend as a muscle-bound mutant, blazin' blaster, elastic freak, or any other super hero (villain) you can think of. I'll take your photos and create a one of kind original work of art featuring your new special powers."

anotherjen: "My collage art for sale is here. Prices range from $25 to $75; ask me if you're interested in any of the pieces."

deliiria: "Photography. Gallery here. Prints can be made up to 12x18 (and quite possibly up 16x24 - I just haven't needed to print anything that large yet), and in pretty much any format (wrapped canvas, canvas board, gator board, bevel-mount, metal...) I am open to taking commissions, so if there's something in particular that you want hanging on your wall, let me know!" (Also does portraits in Calgary, AB area.)

flutterbychild: "I make art that tells stories. [Her linocuts] have a bold, stark, historical flavor with strong stylization and symbolism. The watercolor pictures are softer, dreamier, full of super-saturated colors common to many forms of African and African-American art: rich melting browns, deep golds and earthy reds, jungle-leaf greens, limpid blues. Most of the subjects are women, or nature, or some combination of the two; urban imagery is also common, sometimes overlapping the others. Many pictures are surreal, symbolic, allegoric; others are closer to realistic. These are the dimpled footprints left by one artist's walk through life. I sell my paintings and prints on Etsy...and I also do commissions! To see more, check out therebirthofme!"

haikujaguar: I also sell art, a lot of art. It's also of aliens, and elves and furries and cute kids with dragons, etc.

shy_kat: "I do travel and nature photography. You can see a selection of photos here -- (the site isn't working well at the moment, but it's functional). I can send out matted prints in sizes from 5x7 to 11x24."

Fiber Arts
eilonwy: "I make yarn! Handspun in a variety of fibers, colors and textures! Check out my Etsy Shop for more information. There are currently 15 different skeins for sale, but I also take commissions-- on both yarn and cat toys!"

freyapax: "Natural Obsessions is today having a Cyber Monday sale, all shipping is free and all non-clearance items are marked down 20%. This lasts until midnight tonight so get it while the getting is good!"

sairaali: "Pimping my Etsy shop. Mostly I only make stitch markers, although I can reproduce any of those designs in earrings. I've got a whole bunch more that I am planning to photograph and post over the long weekend."

robling_t: "LJ's a crafty place, everyone must know a knitter who'd like some hand-dyed yarn..."

stormkitty: Fibers by Tracie! "I have PDF crochet patterns for sale, but I also do custom work (let me know NOW if you need something by the holidays, there is a lead time). I do teach private crochet lessons in the central Florida area. Also, I can provide gift certificates."

tnjade: "I make custom crochet baby blankets in whatever color you choose (price varies based on yarn selection; $25 for acrylic, plus S&H). I also make sleeves/arm warmers. Examples can be seen here. As these are custom items, delivery time for each project varies, and will be discussed before deposit and commencement of project. :)"

Miscellaneous Nifty Things
There is so much niftiness going on at the IAF auctions!

cissa: "I also have a separate store with various Celtic art pieces on it, like Christmas/greeting cards, switchplates, and a Celtic tree-based divination system: Electric Celt."

ioianthe: "The masks available here are only a small sampling of the work I am capable of; if you can dream it, I can help it become a reality in leather. From masks themselves to accessories like wings and gauntlets... Each creation is made to order and as such can be customized to suit your specifications. Color and adornment, size and even shape are all mutable as the leather itself."

jennythe_reader: "I have a (small) etsy shop here - decoupaged trinket boxes and picture frames."

mizarchivist: "Hi! I primarily make clay things. I have an etsy store with recently reduced prices. I also have a lot more that's not in the store- so if you see something I've made that you like, I can almost certainly reproduce it. [A quick visual reference of what I currently have on hand of a certain size.] I also make magnets, jewelry, paint, and more paint, and most recently started in on some steampunk designs."

monkeyfetus: "I'm in the process of making a website, but I have Honey and pure beeswax candles to sell."

nancylebov: "I sell buttons/badges and bumper stickers at Nancy Buttons. There's a 5000 slogan list, developed for fandom for over 30 years: puns, geekery, wiseass....I do custom buttons."

norda: "Greeting cards. We carry Dragon Tales cards and cards from Pomegranate...speculative fiction artists like Real Musgrave, Don Maitz, Michael Whelan, and Alicia Austin, plus traditional fine artists like Escher and Waterhouse. Please give them a gander.
Also role-playing game modules, gaming guides, and miniatures. We have long-out-of-circulation items that you will not find in any gaming store currently in operation."

ojouchan: Hairclips, horns, New Romantic accessories, millinery, all over at ViolentBelle!

queenlyzard: Pine-needle baskets!

ravenedgewalker: "I make Pagan Jewelry and magical tools, runes and ogham sets and sell them on ebay and etsy. I love making commissions for people."

rm: "I also had a small role in Revolutionary Road, which is now available on DVD."

shadowwolf13: "I do custom, non-traditional dreamcatchers for the non-traditional dreamer. I have many designs in my shop as well and if none of those work for you I'm also happy to do custom work. Here's a link to photos of every dreamcatcher I've created."

ysobelle: "I make custom corsets. No...I make custom pieces of body-hugging, breath-defying silk and steel artwork. I will wrap you in gorgeousness and make you feel pretty. Or deadly. Or pretty deadly."

marajs: "Interior Design student here! Will work for free, provided I have permission to keep snapshots for my portfolio. I realize distance may be difficult to circumvent, but if I can get pictures of the space you're trying to re-work I will make suggestions by email and await photos of the results. This is my passion and I'm good at it, so pick my brain! Contact me at"

miss_lisa_ma: "I do voiceover work and can give you a really snazzy outgoing voicemail message. If you're a FOS (Friend of Shadesong), I'll cut you a message for $25. Check out my demo recordings on my MySpace page--especially the Fun with Voicemail demo. You'd be surprised how much fun you can have with just a change in voice style. Add in a little creativity with your script and you'll have the voicemail everyone will envy :-)"

stonetalker: "I do Tarot, Medicine Wheel, and Totem Animal Readings. There are some listed on my website at, or people can contact me through Live Journal. I'm happy to provide gift certificates."

thesilentpoet: "I write haikus! So, if anyone wants a unique haiku on a card for a loved one (or not so loved one), I'll take commissions. Just ask for theme or word or sentiment you are looking for, and possibly who. (Examples scattered in journal under the "haiku" tag.)"

Boston Local
anotherjen: "I offer gift certificates for my professional organizing."

c1: "How about the gift of life? Statistically, about 80% of layperson CPR is done in the home, to someone known by the rescuer. I'm an American Heart Association certified CPR, AED, and first aid instructor. I try to make my classes fun, informative, and most of all, non-threatening. I can teach in your place of worship, social club, workplace, living room, etc. (Similarly, if enough people attending Arisia are interested, I'll do a class there.) I only ask for a group of about 4-6 people-- more can be accommodated by request. $50 a head for CPR training, $30/person for first aid, you get a study guide (book), CD-ROM, and a certificate good for two years. (FYI, kids are OK, but should be of a mature age-- jr. high or above.) My contact info is on my LJ profile page."

tigerbright: "Every week I have Too Much Challah. I'm told it's better than Cheryl Ann's. :) By default, I can offer a dozen rolls or one six-strand challah every week for $3 (made from 500g of challah dough); I'd prefer that you come get it (in Medford). If I get enough commissions (see below) I could do delivery. Usual ingredients: white all-purpose wheat flour, white whole wheat flour, eggs, water, canola oil, agave syrup, turbinado sugar, yeast, salt. I will take commissions for additional loaves. I can adapt to use honey, white sugar, all white flour, regular whole wheat flour, higher proportion of white wheat flour, vegan, gluten-free flour mix (baked in a loaf pan; one can't braid GF bread). But note that the GF bread will be exposed to gluteny stuff. If I get lots of commissions in the Cambridge/Somerville/Medford/Belmont/Watertown area, I'll spend a couple of hours Friday midday doing deliveries."

thunderpigeon: "I direct your attention here to 3 calls for submissions, the first of which I am co-editing. Send me your work, and you might have another thing to sell next year in this mall."

And that's the Mall of Shadesong! Click the tag for last year's, and do still leave your store/item info; I can edit it in later.

Shop the Mall of Shadesong! Support indie artists, craftspeople, musicians, writers, et cetera! *throws confetti*
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