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Interfictions 2 Auctions

This is a big week for stuff based on "Valentines"!

Necklace and bracelet by Sarah B. Evans (ends 12/4).

These shell beads I hunted down just for this story — I wanted something paperlike as well as just a nice bead, something that could be written on. The writing, glazed black ink (well-baked and safe for nearly anything you could do to it, this writing will not fade from memory) are excerpts from the story, of the narrator’s own musings: “movements a careful ballet of hot espresso and soup and witty banter” strung around the necklace, and “leather-bound journals with elegant heavy pens” around the wrist. The pendant is for Valentine(s): what image does his name inspire if not a heart? The black beads I chose for their resemblance to stray blots of ink, scattered from hasty scribblings.

A Chain of Memories by of Violent Belle (ends 12/6).

Upon reading Valentines, I wondered what it would be like to have to carry and write your entire life. I translated that feeling into a charm necklace which can actually serve as a necklace, belt, or even a bracelet depending on how you wrap it. I wanted to make a piece that was functional, beautiful and useful. Something that the new owner would be able to add to with their own story as well as the story of the heroine. One of my favorite parts about this necklace is the message bottles. Ways to carry slips of paper and notes. These bottles can be left as is, or filled with your own memories. A lot of these charms were found objects in and around Hollywood, CA.

Valentines by kythryne of Wyrding Studios (ends 12/6).

Shira Lipkin and I collaborated on this project, working together to record the story in as many different forms as possible: audio on cassette tape and CD, video on DVD, handwritten on parchment, computer printed on paper. I then shattered the disks, tore the paper, and cut the tape into small fragments and used one fragment from each medium in this piece, to reflect the story’s theme of data loss and recovery.

I love love love all of these; my Wyrding Studios "Valentines" piece is one of my favorite pendants. And I so covet ojouchan's necklace!

Go forth and bid! <3
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