Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Okay, I've calmed down to the point where I can speak in complete sentences again.

I see some of you guessed that it was a BARCC job based on me saying it was perfect. Which just goes to show how perfect it is. :)

So I made that post last weekend as I was paying bills, deeply frustrated and despondent over not bringing money in, knowing that I had to suck it up and probably go get a retail job, and knowing that that would cost me a big chunk of my available-to-BARCC time. Which would suck.

And two days later, I got one of the periodic job-openings e-mails that my volunteer coordinator sends around, that always make me terribly frustrated because they're always full-time or not T-accessible. But this time?

Part-time. At BARCC.

And I looked at the job description and was jaw-droppy. Because not only is it totally in line with what I've been doing, but parts of it are *exactly* what I've been doing - part of it, for example, is managing the Clothesline Project, and I'm already part of the volunteer Clothesline Project team. All of the liaison stuff is with CAPS/public education. Which I have been doing for two years and I know everyone and they like me and dude.

And the other half is administrative stuff - being the point of contact for prospective volunteers, tracking the interview and training process, maintaining databases, doing easy web stuff.

I'm reading this and I feel like Rocco in the backseat in Boondock Saints, where he explodes from stunned silence into "ME! ME!" (Except for the "we could kill everyone" part.) feste_sylvain was like "Whoa. They wrote that for you." Is how perfect this is.

So yeah. :)

20 hours a week. Mornings, so I still have some writing time before Elayna gets home, and I still get to be here for Elayna. :) This will actually be good for my writing, even; I do better at writing when I'm also doing something else. For most of this year, I've been in this awful cycle:

I'm not bringing in money ----> I need to write to bring in money ----> I can't write what wants to be written, I must write stuff to sell ----> DO NOT WANT ----> *not getting any writing done* ----> *feeling like shit over not getting writing done/not bringing in money* ----> GOTO LINE 10.

So now I will be bringing in money and not feeling like a hideous drain on my household. And the pressure is off. And I don't lose any BARCC time/availability (my boss is totally willing to lend me to my volunteer coordinator for morning engagements if necessary).

And I am getting paid to do what I love and help make the world a better place. Like I said. I win.
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