Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Hello to new reader castle_blood!

Still with the cautious optimism. I wore the wrong shoes yesterday - chunky-heeled boots - so I got blistery and now have that particular ouch that comes from overcompensation. Feh. It'll pass.

Went very well indeed. They're interviewing someone today and will call to let me know tomorrow morning. Keep those fingers crossed! This would be a real life-changer.

They're jackhammering again today. Why? I really need noise-cancelling headphones.

Holiday Travel
I'm in a holding pattern, and it's making me twitchy. My poor birthmom may be stranded in New Orleans for Christmas again this year - same as last year, stuff closing right around Christmas. I kind of hate her boss. She's sent us money for the plane tickets, to be repurposed for holiday gifts if we opt not to travel. And then there's possible new job, which has a start date of December 7; they only get the 25th and 26th off, but really it's okay if I take the week.

So if I get the job, it'll be one week instead of the previously-loosely-planned two. And if my birthmom is stuck in New Orleans, maybe that week will be split between my birthfamily in DeLand and my family and friends in South Florida? I don't know. I hate waiting.

Link Soup
* Oooh. Read this. (Pay attention to that (10).)
* Yay, more Symphony of Science!
* Lightbulb terrariums = nifty.
* FTM sexuality research study in SF.

Daily Science
Boom! Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the LHC!

I need to pick up the lab order for Elayna's bloodwork so I can take her after school tomorrow. Should also mail packages. I don't have a firm grasp of what we need grocerywise, because I wasn't around yesterday when Adam shopped, so I may have to let him take care of that later.

The kitchen is still in flux, what with the reorganization to create gluten-safe spaces - the counters are full of stuff comma dammit. So that has to be fixed today. Cleaning today. Pies and anything else that can be pre-made tomorrow.
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