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Happy birthday to queenbookwench!

One of the really vexing things about dropping 30 pounds relatively swiftly? Yep, same thing as last time - I'm losing quite a lot of hair. It's naturally crazy-thick, so I don't look half-bald. But I feel half-bald. *sigh* Time to get a few inches lopped off so it doesn't look ridiculous as it grows back.

1pm. Please send all wild fierce hopes, good thoughts, prayers, whatever's your usual MO.

I am attempting a mostly gluten-free menu and hoping that hilarity does not ensue! Not many modifications, really. The usual turkey (with sage), cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes, and crockpot garlic mashed potatoes. Doing the green beans with caramelized onions this year, and the carrots with a honey-ginger glaze. The big modifications are the stuffing and gravy - this year, instead of Stove Top, we'll do crockpot cornbread stuffing, and we'll do gravy from scratch. I will provide the usual rolls - I have yet to attempt gluten-free baking, and anticipate a learning curve. They're the last things to go in the oven anyway, and Gwyn and Elayna are in charge of making them.

You do not have to bring a dish. If you want to, please label it gluten-free or glutinous, and vegetarian or not. Don't assume that it's safe if it's not bread or wheat! Here's a list of things to watch out for.

If you do want to bring a dish, more veggies are always good, especially nonstarchy ones - but the thing that would be most useful is dessert. I'll be making pies with premade store-bought crust, and a gluten-free blackberry crumble, but I need to not make my usual cake and gingerbread, because I need to not be breathing flour for hours.

Claimed: couch (Gwyn), loveseat (rafaela), airbed - in my office or in the living room? (slipjig). We have room for four queen-size airbeds total, so if you're coming from Away, we do have space for you!

Am so excited to see people. I've been darting about the downstairs bathroom setting it up. Spare toothbrushes and fresh bars of soap and all. <3

Link Soup
* Shackleton's Antarctic whiskey found!
* Awesome sign spinning.
* I really want this shirt.
* I want this, too.
* Fabulous geek wedding cakes.
* The psychopathology of heroism.
* American Gladiators movie. Wherein they are superheroes.
* "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
* If I ever do get a tattoo? I want it to be designed by Kiriko Moth.
* Turducken!

Daily Science
Oh hai Enceladus.

Meeeeeeeeep interview. *twitch* And a BARCC peer-supervision meeting tonight, so I may as well hang around town instead of taking the bus home for an hour or so and then going back out. I'll stop by Mind's Eye and visit asciikitty, and probably do some necessary shopping in Harvard Square.

So yeah. Wish me luck.
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