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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to magenta_girl and scouseboy!

feste_sylvain says I have more energy! Unfortunately, I burned through it pretty quickly and was in bed early.

Hippocampal sclerosis in refractory temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with gluten sensitivity.


Previous studies have associated coeliac disease (CD) and gluten sensitivity (defined as the presence of anti-gliadin antibodies and positive immunogenetics) with cerebellar degeneration and epilepsy with occipital calcifications. Hippocampal sclerosis (HS) in temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is a potentially progressive disorder with unknown aetiology; however, autoimmunity has been implicated as one of the possible mechanisms leading to HS.


I have hippocampal sclerosis, you see. The lesion that's my seizure focus. They never knew how it got there, because I didn't have a head injury or high fevers in infancy.

And it could be because of the celiac.

I tested as having a wheat allergy when I was 14, y'know.

...I need to pick up the lab order and get Elayna in for her bloodwork right quick.

(Thanks for the link, fiddle_dragon!)

If you're coming, RSVP! I need to know how big a turkey to get.

Dear Author Friends
jimhines is having a book drive for a domestic violence shelter. Donate!

Link Soup
* Rape culture makes me tired.
* This is hilarious, though, and makes me actually want to see 2012.
* Another shot at Global Frequency?
* I would like a Chumby One.

Daily Science
* Fish on Europa?

AGH so much. Okay. Target for 'song-safe colander, canisters, pants, assorted other necessities. Library. Post office*. Elayna's doctor. Major housecleaning starts today, as I'll be out of the house for chunks of tomorrow and the house must be clean for the Wyrding Studios party on Saturday and stay clean for Thanksgiving, and we are not doing that thing again where we shove everything into my office and then I can't use it til February. Should also blast through the magazine stack and mark recipes to photocopy from gluten-free cookbooks. Busy day. Which is good, as it will keep me from pacing and flailing over ZOMG job interview, which is thankfully first thing tomorrow morning, so I don't have hours tomorrow to agonize and jitter.

* The packing tape is AWOL, so no post office. Elayna's library books that are due back today are AWOL as well, despite me telling her several times over the last week that they were due back today. She is going to have to deliver them to the library herself when she gets back from school. After she cleans her place at the dining room table.
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