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Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to jasmine_koran!

Still with a cautious optimism. I'm not sure how long it'll take to see a change, and I'm not sure if I'm getting casually glutened; I keep finding things like the roll of paper towels lying on bread crumbs on the counter.

So my choices for getting to Vermont on Thursday for the Enter the Haggis concert:
1. Shell out $50 for a bus ticket. I do not have $50.
2. Be trapped in a car for hours with an absolute stranger. This idea makes me drastically uncomfortable.

So I ask again, just in case: anyone heading up to Burlington, VT on Thursday?

...if not, anyone want to buy an Enter the Haggis ticket from swashbucklr?

This Weekend
I am going to the Enter the Haggis show in Natick on Saturday night, and would love company!

Also, I'm having a Wyrding Studios jewelry party. There are door prizes! If you're new to Wyrding Studios, you get a free shiny! If you're an existing customer who brings someone new, you get a free shiny! And even if none of the above applies to you, you still have a chance at the door prize.

There's never any hard sell at WS parties. Just come, hang out, rummage through the shiny things and the Bowl of Doom, have fun, and hopefully do some $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping.

Assigned panelists to all of the literature panels yesterday! And then failed at napping because I was so anticipatory. I really like this track.

Bad news is that there are 49 panels, and I have to cut that to about 30 - supposedly 20, but since comics got folded into literature, I'm arguing for more slots. Which can be afforded, as there's no more comics track or teen track. Other bad news is that some good stuff got no interest - Adam's the only person who signed up for one of the panels, and the panels suggested by the Carl Brandon society (their awards are at Arisia) got zero signups. And panels are dropped if they have fewer than three people. Realistically, I'll probably have to drop panels that only got 3-4 people, unless they're panels I really really want run.

For the curious, the panels with the most interest (15-22 people signed up for 5 slots!): Trauma as Character Development, Creature as Character, Here Endeth the Lesson: Morality in SF/Fantasy, Myth & Folklore in Fantasy, Religion in SF/Fantasy, Fantasy & Horror in Shakespeare, and The Inherent Darkness of Fairy Tales. And I was going to list the panels with 10-14 people interested, but I'd be here all day! Suffice to say that some of these are filled only with people who rated them a #1 and wrote a paragraph on why they should be on them.

I'm chuffed that the more academic panels are so popular. Arisia does not have to be the con of the lowest common denominator.

Daily Science
Something big is out there beyond the visible edge of our universe. That's the conclusion of the largest analysis to date of over 1000 galaxy clusters streaming in one direction at blistering speeds. Some researchers say this so-called "dark flow" is a sign that other universes nestle next door.

Cutting that panel list down. Well, I got it to 40, which is an improvement, but still not good enough. Packing stuff I'm way late on mailing. Writing if I can; my body may insist on a prioritization of nap, as I woke up crazy early with asthma issues. Elayna and I will get our flu shots at the library (free town clinic) after school, and that'll probably be when I decide if I'm going to Diesel; I have enough to do around here that I'm not certain I should go, but I got there way late last week and barely darted in for hellogoodbye hugs the week before, and it's not a work/life balance if it's all work and no life.
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