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Happy birthday to the most excellent maxymyllyn!

Hello to new reader yud!

I am cautiously optimistic about skin stuff.

Um. Because I got nudged about this.

The Nebula nomination period is open. My eligible stories:

* "The Angel of Fremont Street"
* "Fortune"
* "Valentines"

Everything else that got published this year was poetry or flash.

Another Auction!

This is [redacted] by Kristin Ross - the third artist so far who doesn't know me, just connected with the story. I get so bouncy at that. :) Her statement, which I find totally awesome:

"I’ve been working with a lot of collage art lately, but Shira Lipkin’s story “Valentines” inspired these four pieces with all original components. The series of four bookmarks is called [redacted]. Lipkin’s story features a narrator desperately trying to catalogue information and my art centers around that idea, as well. I really connected with this theme; in our modern existence, we’re overwhelmed with information every waking moment and we’re constantly logging and processing it. In the bookmarks, the writing comes straight from my journal the day I put myself into the character’s shoes. The finished product represents the problems with memory Lipkin’s narrator struggles with and how both data and recollection can have a shattering effect on one’s identity."

Click here to bid!

Link Soup
* Get a free copy of Interfictions 2 by talking up the auctions!
* Meep!
* Robot paintings.

Daily Science
* Six months after the Mars rover Spirit became trapped in a patch of soft soil, its controllers are preparing to send a set of commands that they hope will free the robotic explorer, NASA announced Thursday.
* "Significant amount" of water found on the moon.
* Mandelbrot in 3-D!

Must schedule appointment for bloodwork for Elayna - celiac runs in families. The rest of my day is given over to assigning panelists to Arisia lit panels! If I have time after, hopefully writing. And I was up in the middle of the night again, so a nap needs to happen, too.
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