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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
On the brighter side 
15th-Nov-2009 03:38 pm
We're good. Yes we are.
I have been getting a considerable amount of stuff done. On time and well. Which I'm not always - not often! - all that good at. But I've been juggling a bunch of major commitments that all came due within a few weeks, and I've also been doing my damnedest to research celiac and totally overhaul the kitchen and pantry.Thanksgiving planning is ticking along. $WINTERHOLIDAY travel planning is slow going because I must rely upon other people to make it happen, but I'm liaising. And I'm finding ways to make this an inexpensive-but-still-awesome $WINTERHOLIDAY. All of the IAF auctions are drafted and ready to go. I'm poised to jump on Arisia scheduling tomorrow; I'd be doing it today, but today's the deadline, so I want to wait til the deadline ticks past.

I have big new BARCC stuff, too. Five of us have a Clothesline Project subcommittee and have a lot of great ideas going on (I'd like to hold my shirtmaking a week from today; am waiting to hear about supply donation). And three of us are going to be writing an official BARCC blog. Which is not as much additional work as it sounds, because it's one post per week per contributor, and it's the sort of stuff I'll be writing for the book anyway.

So I've got a lot of "Bam! Stuck the landing! Next?" going on. A lot of that high of being on top of everything I need to be on top of.

Which is why previous-post stuff is kicking my ass even more than usual. I'm like "Yes! I am balanced and energized and capable!" and then I look at the checkbook and am like "Yep, and broke, and I may have to say goodbye to that feeling."

I will try to figure out how to get started freelance writing/proofreading/et cetera. I will try to find a way. Because I finally don't feel like I'm drowning anymore, get-stuff-done-wise.
15th-Nov-2009 11:14 pm (UTC) - Some suggestions to check out...
www.taltopia.com (social networking site for creative types)

That should give you plenty to start. You might also want to think about leveraging Squidoo by creating a page there and shuffling people off to your own blog, where you put professional information, etc.

If you'd like to contact me for additional advice/help, I'd be happy to talk to you about it, just drop me an email address to melinda dot white at ownmyownterms dot com (my own domain when is currently in a state of flux because I've decided a different web host will fulfill my needs better).
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