Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Saturday Miscellany

* Arisia program participants: If you haven't signed up for your panels, do it now! The deadline is tomorrow, and I start assigning people to panels on Monday. It's on my Google Calendar and everything.

* Last night was all kinds of awesome. I think we had a perfect blend of readers - stories ranged from whimsical to wistful to jazzy to evocative to silly, and the improv band was great! My favorite moment from my story: when I read "if Valentine plays anything it’s a wind instrument, or maybe a violin," and Joe Kessler moved seamlessly into a violin riff. I die. feste_sylvain says he'd only just put down the mandolin and picked up the violin, too. Perfect timing. I still have no clear idea of how I did - I rarely do - but the consensus seems to be that I totally pulled it off, so yay. :) Massive props to emilytheslayer, who may have found a second career in event planning!

* feste_sylvain, hugging me before the show: "Your heart is racing!"
Me: "It always does! Have you never noticed that?"
Him: "But I keep expecting it to change."
Me: "Never does." *rueful grin* "I am cursed by being good at things that terrify me."

Yes, I do public speaking for BARCC all the time. Yes, it always ties my stomach in knots!

* I'm shifting Clothesline Project shirtmaking to next Sunday, if enough people can make it then, because it's short notice and I haven't had time to get supplies. The other thing on our calendar for today was Romeo and Juliet at BU, but it is ucky rainy and no one feels like going out, so we'll just stay in and watch the Zeffirelli version. And do meal planning. And cleaning. Yeah, nonstop excitement over here.

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