Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Just for the heck of it

So you can see why soy allergy + shellfish allergy + celiac have me going oh crap.

Here's the gluten-free menu for Elephant Walk, which is highly recommended for celiacs. Extensive menu. Good!

Items on menu: 23
Items which are dessert and will therefore be disregarded for now: 3
Items on menu that will kill me: 6
Items on menu that will just make life really suck: 12
Items that will not cause me physical harm but that I do not consider food: 2

Items that I can eat: 3 nontoxic salads, flank steak, chicken breast.

So okay, things exist, but this can get very boring very quickly, you know?

PF Chang's menu is vague enough on their vegetables that I can't guarantee gastric safety; broccoli's a common vegetable at Chinese places, and it causes the stabby pain. So there are two dishes on that menu that could maybe be safe.

My intent here is not to piss and moan, just to illustrate how prevalent soy and shellfish seem to be on gluten-free menus and, as we saw in the supermarket last night, how prevalent soy is in gluten-free packaged foods (microwavable meals, crackers, et cetera). Not a small challenge.

EDIT: On a happier note, when I was lamenting the loss of butternut squash ravioli last night, doeeyedbunny pointed out that I could have sweet potato gnocchi. Because gnocchi is potato flour, not wheat flour! I had forgotten that! So in Italian restaurants, I can have risotto or gnocchi. And Nebo in the North End has an extensive GF menu that, yes, has shellfish, but has a big selection of non-shellfish, too. So next time someone takes me out on a date, that is where they are taking me. Potential dates, you are On Notice.
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