Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Hello to new readers racerxgirl and zelenaia_feya!

Tired tired tired.

Stone Hearth pizza is actually awesome. Phew. Cinnamon GF Chex is oversweet, but edible mixed with Rice Chex.

Y'all, just so you know, I am intensely grateful for all of your help. Especially people like doeeyedbunny walking me through the grocery store and lending me books, and people like mizdarkgirl saying "This is what you can eat at the Boskone hotel." I am worried about cons. I'm used to living on consuite/green room fare. The former is no longer an option. The latter is an option at Arisia, because I trust rosefox and sinboy to label foods; they have always been meticulous about that. But Boskone, Wiscon (where I generally had been getting most of my meals at the noodle place), Readercon...

And I'm worried about my Florida trip, because there seem to be far fewer resources there. I do not want to eat all of my meals at Outback and Olive Garden!

The thing I kept repeating last night was how grateful I am that I'm not the first celiac people have encountered. The trail has been blazed, there is an understanding, I am not alone. The exact opposite of the epilepsy diagnosis. So at last I don't have that trauma.

Veteran's Day
A blanket thank you, and words from wcg, one of the veterans on my friendslist: "...keep in mind that this day is called Remembrance Day in many parts of the world. Remember those who didn't come home, and those who came home changed forever."

In honor of Veteran's Day, 50% of the donations made to haikujaguar's Spots: the Space Marine today will go to charity.

Okay! Shawl is figured out. I think I even know how I screwed it up. We may proceed.

Interfictions 2
* You still have a chance to win a free copy!
* If you want to buy a copy? Porter Square Books has three. I took a picture. <3
* Come to the reading/concert on Friday! This is certified Important To Me, y'all.
* Remember the auctions! Know what would make a great gift for me? This. Just sayin'.
* And you can read the introduction online.

Link Soup
* Tickets available to The Slutcracker! Who's going?
* Vanished Persian army found in desert.
* Free wifi at airports that don't generally have it, during holiday travel season. :)
* Pac-Man-playing Roombas.

Daily Science
A step towards a cure for cancer?

Elayna has no school today and did not do homework last night, so my day will consist of hounding the child to do her homework. Perhaps we'll get to go out and do something. Perhaps not.
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