Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

More "Valentines" niftiness!

"Shatterglass Datakey" by arianhwyvar. Is it not gorgeous? Click the link; there's a gallery.

Her statement:

I have always loved old things, lost or serendipitously found objects, keys and doorways and passages. I earned degrees in computer science and medieval studies; both data and history are important to me. So is memory, and the nature of who we are.

I have dabbled in a host of media and crafts — stained glass, collage, songwriting, off-loom bead weaving — but have been captivated by wire work for the last two years. My main focus is wire wrapping antique keys, decorating them with watch gears, glass leaves, crystals and charms and other bits and pieces. My keys are often a fusion of stylized natural and mechanical forms, as if a bit of machinery were animated by a spirit of growth, and unfurled its own little leaves.

My pieces often have stories reaching backwards in time, through the past history and the associations of the objects I use. This piece reaches forward as well. I marked the glass chips wrapped onto the key with phrases written down by the narrator in Shira Lipkin’s story Valentines, but not all the chips were attached to the key. A handful remain lost, unmoored. These fragments are included with the auctioned pendant, but what is done with them is up to the recipient. Make them into matching earrings. Give them away. Hide them. Bury them. Continue the story of these shards of data.

That last bit? I love. So much. She gets it. :)

So go bid! And today's your last day to bid Susan Saltzman's "Write Everything Down"; which I covet; any of these things would make a lovely $WINTERHOLIAY gift for me anyone.

There's other nifty stuff up, too from such artists as <lj user="copperwise> and IAF working group member Wendy Ellertson; go see!
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