Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Oh, hey, that's not awesome.

So my rheumatologist called with my test results... at 10pm last night. o.O Which was weird. And anyway, I was not home, and he didn't tell Adam anything, so I was going to call this morning.

I walk in the door with Mark at right about 9am o the dot, and the phone rings, and it's the doctor.

So it's Not Lupus - ANA, anti-Smith, anti-DSDNA all negative. Sjogren's negative.

Gliadin positive.

You may ask "What does that mean?" Which is a valid question, because I sure didn't know. This is what that means. Celiac is what that means.

On the one hand... yay that this is not a thing what kills people?

On the other hand. YOU GUYS. I live on pasta, on peanut butter sandwiches; so many of my favorite foods have gluten that this means a complete overhaul of my diet, and it means a huge pain in the ass at restaurants, et cetera. It is big sweeping lifestyle changes. I am not a fan of this.

On the gripping hand, if cutting out gluten takes away the joint pain, fatigue, and skin issues...


Reasons this actually makes sense:

* There's apparently a link to epilepsy.
* It would explain my rapid weight loss whenever I'm not on a medication that causes weight gain.
* Woke up last night with intense abdominal pain. Had pasta for dinner.


I was going to drop gluten starting today, but apparently the biopsy doesn't do any good if you're already off gluten, so I'll keep my diet normal for now. Calling my primary care doc right after I make this post to arrange for said biopsy/referral to gastroenterologist.

I mentioned this on Facebook first, so I've been getting lots of Gchat/AIMs; I feel that I must tell you that I'll be away from the computer most of today, so e-mail is better than chat.

And... yeah. That is that for now.
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