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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to pisicutsa!

I still don't have the results on my lupus/Sjogren's/celiac bloodwork. Was supposed to have results on Monday. Apparently, as of yesterday afternoon, the doctor's office did not have he results. *drums fingernails on table impatiently*

Speech! Speech!
Tonight I am the keynote speaker at BARCC's Champions for Change Gala. I am the first survivor speaker they've ever had at the Gala. I will be telling my story to 400 people tonight.

I know a lot of you guys don't really get what I do. You get that it's very important to me, yes. But... even though I am an unpaid volunteer, this is very much my path; this is what I Do. And out of everyone in the state they could have chosen to speak tonight at the biggest BARCC event of the year, they chose me.

It's big.

I started another Simple Yet Effective shawl while I was waiting to grab someone help me figure out Travelling Woman's cast-on. So I'm most of a skein into that, and it will be my casual brainless knitting. asciikitty came by yesterday and helped me figure out Travelling Woman, and I am 16 rows away from ending the big ol' stockinette section and jumping into the first lace chart. That will happen today. And pictures will happen. Because the yarn is really pretty.

Link Soup
* Are you reading Spots, the Space Marine? You should.
* Poorly-handled police/rape victim interaction at the World Fantasy Con hotel.
* For those who were following the XKCD public transit comic, I give you this: the MBTA will be honored tonight at BARCC's Champions for Change Gala for their handling of sexual harassment on public transit. (I have seen a situation go down and get Handled on a bus. Testify.)
* I would like a micro pig.

Daily Science

Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics: Biodegradable circuits could enable better neural interfaces and LED tattoos.

By building thin, flexible silicon electronics on silk substrates, researchers have made electronics that almost completely dissolve inside the body. So far the research group has demonstrated arrays of transistors made on thin films of silk. While electronics must usually be encased to protect them from the body, these electronics don't need protection, and the silk means the electronics conform to biological tissue. The silk melts away over time and the thin silicon circuits left behind don't cause irritation because they are just nanometers thick.


I must practice my speech for tonight. Also I will knit to calm myself. And I will get writing done if I can settle my brain down from "OMGSPEECH".
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