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Interfictions 2

So I'm in this anthology. And you should buy it.

This is the second anthology produced by the Interstitial Arts Foundation. From the IAF's website:

What is interstitial art? It is art made in the interstices between genres and categories. It is art that flourishes in the borderlands between different disciplines, mediums, and cultures. It is art that crosses borders, made by artists who refuse to be constrained by category labels.

My story is called "Valentines". I wrote it in one sitting in kythryne's studio, surrounded by fragments of beauty and story. It's a little bit many-worlds quantum physics, a little bit neurology, a little bit magical realism, a little bit urban fantasy. Could be all of that. Could be just one. You'll see.

Very few of my stories start from just one place. This one's no exception. I scribbled down the first line in a restaurant (no surprise there). I got a big chunk of inspiration from a biography of Charles Fort (see if you can spot the reference!). And a lot of it, of course, came from the status of my own memory, ragged and tattered and determined.

I hope you like it. :)

The book comes out on November 3. Order it today!

There will be a reading/concert at the Lily Pad in Cambridge on Friday, November 13! Readings by me, Theodora Goss, catvalente, F. Brett Cox, and Matthew Cheney, with improvised background music by Brian Francis Slattery and Michael McLaughlin. I am going to try to do something entirely awesome, if the Lily Pad will allow it; you won't want to miss it. RSVP here if you're on Facebook. If not, just show up. :)

Some amazing artists and craftspeople have made some amazing things based on the stories in Interfictions 2, and those things will be auctioned all month. I am so fortunate - some wildly talented people have made some stunning pieces based on "Valentines". I'll update this post with links whenever one goes up!

"Write Everything Down", a necklace by Susan Saltzman (ends November 8).

"Shatterglass Datakey", a pendant by Kendra Tornheim (ends November 13).

"Visual Fiction™ or The Metamorphosis of Vision" art by Ilene Winn-Lederer (ends November 14).

"Everybody Knows" by emilytheslayer (ends November 15).

[redacted] (series of 4) by Kristin Ross (ends November 21).

Valentines Jewelry Set by Sarah B. Evans (ends 12/4).

A Chain of Memories by ojouchan (ends 12/7).

Valentines by kythryne (ends 12/7).

All Valentines are One Valentine by ioianthe (ends 12/7)

Your Questions Answered...
If you buy the book or win an auction, that is.

The last line of the story is a question.

Buy the book or win an auction? I will tell you the answer. :)

Charles Tan at SF Signal: "Through repetition and atmosphere, the author builds each scene, layering it with multiple facets. Even the numbering has purpose. It's an enjoyable slice of life, and the length feels just right for a flash fiction piece."

Sarah C. Culver at Venus Zine: "Shira Lipkin’s “Valentines” is not fiction or biography, but a series of loops building a powerful picture of an epileptic’s inner life...The interstitial writer’s honest pursuit of a story and disregard of form catches us off guard. These stories are disconcerting and real."
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