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Happy birthday to malinaldarose and persis!

Hello to new reader gafferbear!

A bit better today than yesterday, in that I am still very tired but not in a spoon deficit. Mark asked "Is this what being spoonless is? When you're so drained that you can barely move or think?" (I'm paraphrasing.) And yes. This is why it's eye-rolly to hear able-bodied people describe themselves as spoonless when they're just tired, because baby, I get tired, and then there's this.

Today I am just tired, but will have sufficient spoons to do some of the stuff I need to do. Not as many as I start the day with normally. But not a deficit.

We Saved Dave.
Video here. And as I say there, we have the best tribe evar. Made of win and awesome and cake and pie. And I love it when we make good things happen.

Most especially I would like to thank thegreenyear for nudging me to put that sari-silk wrap up for auction - because doing something to help other people pulled me out of my weeks-long funk - and s00j and winning bidder thewronghands for making sure thegreenyear got the wrap!

What Can We Do Next?
We work magic to pull people's butts out of the fire - s00j, Dave, Cat, Vera, among others.

So here's what I'm wondering:

What else can we do? How can we harness the power and magic of our community to make changes when the situation isn't a dire emergency with five-digit medical bills and the loss of houses and all of that?

You think on that and let me know what you come up with.

Interfictions 2 Auctions!
They have begun! Track them here.

The first auction is a gorgeous necklace called "Write Everything Down", by Susan Saltzman. Oh yes I covet this. But I'm going to covet everything, I know it.

I will write up a post today about the anthology, the auctions, the story behind the story. It deserves its own post. And it'll be a sticky post up at the top of my LJ so I can add auction items as they go up. <3

But psst: want a free copy? Click here.

My Latest Knitting Deficiency
Yeah, I can't make picking up stitches make sense to me without seeing it in action. Which means I still can't start Travelling Woman. If I don't manage to get it sorted by Friday, I'm sure kythryne can show me.

Link Soup
* Reminder: Join bitchinkitchn to help raise money for a rape crisis center!
* "Touch/Don't": art about chronic pain.
* Disability and loss.
* Stormtroopers on their day off.
* Supernatural collective nouns.
* I now want a Totoro suit so I can do this.
* I also want this periodic table.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Has Fermi seen new evidence for dark matter?
* Quantum gravity theories wiped out by a gamma ray burst.
* The long zoom of cells.

Going to reschedule my neurologist appointment, as I'm not quite feeling well enough for the schlep to/from the bus stop. Only other physical-activity thing I need to do is baking cookies, and that I can handle. Otherwise? Really must write.
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