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Happy birthday to alexandraerin, tinuvial, and vyrdolak1998!

Am finally feeling well enough to bring myself out of quarantine, yay.

Rheumatologist appointment today, boo. Because I have to talk to him about the fact that my pain responds to anti-inflammatories, and Lyrica did nothing for me - and the only thing to work on my skin issue was corticosteroids, and that didn't just stop the hives, it stopped the whole skin issue for like a week.

And that set of responses doesn't point to fibro, it points to lupus. And my ANA is negative, but I have two friends who are ANA-negative who nonetheless have lupus, one of whom has been gently nudging me to get more tests. (Anti-Smith and anti-dsDNA.)

Which this doctor won't want to give. So I have that ratcheting tension I get when I have to push for something and know that I will be denied it by the person in authority. And yes, I need a new rheumatologist, but the search fell by the wayside, and I need to get a refill on my Celebrex, so I'm stuck with him at least for today; my primary-care doc is decent, and I'll head straight to his office from my rheumatologist's office to schedule an appointment to talk about some bloodwork. But he does not prescribe Celebrex, and without Celebrex, the pain is crippling.


Becca Loebe concert Wednesday!
This is a full-band minitour; I hope that means she'll play that kickass cover of "Stronger". Listen here!

Concert is at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, 8pm. RSVP here if you're on Facebook. I promise you a good time. And it's just $5!

Interfictions 2
The auctions start on Sunday!
The book is released a week from tomorrow (pre-order now)!
The reading/concert is Friday the 13th! And you should totally go.

Saving Dave
Up to $5K of the $7K Dave needs! Here is the text from the repostable text box:

I'm helping to save a guy named Dave's house and land from foreclosure by promoting the Save Dave Online Auction being held on LiveJournal now through November 20, 2009.
Everything ranging from tech support and professional editing to yarn and everything knitted you can imagine. Autographed first editions and TV/movie memorabilia. Want custom or handmade jewelry, or a custom quilt or book bag? Think someone might like original art or photos (or letterpressed biz cards, or custom notecards) for Upcoming Holiday Gifting? What about baked goods People are even auctioning off surprises and taking offers for custom duct tape creations!

People who don't even know this guy Dave have brought the best of themselves to help him stay in his home. Most auctions are ending around Halloween...go check out what's on offer before it's over! And if you can, spread the word about the auction. Thanks!

(And here's the direct link to my sari-silk wrap. Make it your sari-silk wrap!)

Link Soup
* You have to check out XKCD today. Even if you don't like XKCD. Trust me. Click.
* You can read all of Elfquest online!

Daily Science
Scientists first to trap light and sound vibrations together in nanocrystal.

Data entry for IAF auctions, bio for the BARCC Gala, finishing the Elayna-accident paperwork for the schmuck's insurance company, hopefully starting the Travelling Woman shawl. Rheumatologist. BARCC peer supervision meeting tonight; hopefully there'll be time between the doctor and that to swing by Woolcott & Co. and see if they've been cleaned out of blocking wires and DPNs. (Have to pick up library books, so it's easier to take the 70 than the 73, which doesn't bring me to Harvard Square - so I'll get supplies at Mind's Eye tomorrow.) I have a truly crazy-making week, so I am trying very hard to pace myself; I need to submit stuff (for the first time in months), but I need a chunk of time to do that, so it may not happen before Wednesday, Thursday. IAF and BARCC stuff needs to be done pre-Wednesday. So.

I am basically trying to crush a month into a week.

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