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Happy birthday to karnythia!

Happy early birthday to dabroots, kenakeri, and shrijani, who advance a year over the weekend!

Oy. Yesterday was my first day of normal activity since falling ill, and it was too much; I was exhausted by 8pm, and I'm still wiped out this morning.

One Song.

My iTunes has decided that, screw random, it loves this song. That's okay, because so do I.

This is How We Change the World
Yesterday I had a meeting with the organizers of the BARCC Champions for Change Gala, about my keynote speech. I went straight from there to lead a workshop on responding to disclosures of rape and sexual assault. The workshop was for a women's health class at a local university. About 30 people, all in the masters program, all going into the types of careers where they will need this information. Great listeners with great questions.

And there is sometimes a moment when I look out at a group like this, and I see the effect that this workshop will have. These people will go into their communities and use these skills, and be links to BARCC, and expand this knowledge and this way of thinking. Each of these people could affect a hundred or more, who will go on and bring that to their communities...

This is how we change the world.

During the meeting with the Gala organizers, I found out how many people had RSVPed to the Gala.

375, so far.

Many of those people are society people or corporate sponsors' VPs and their spouses; there are about 70 volunteers, some BARCC staff, and some people who are very connected to BARCC and what we do, but there are a lot of people who don't have that connection. And my job, with this speech, is to give them that connection. In 5-10 minutes, I will be giving my survivor speech, and telling these people why I believe so hard in BARCC and what we do; I will make them believe.

Almost 400 people who will take that back into the world with them.

Yeah. This is how we change the world.

Okay, y'all seem to want me to jump into lace. Travelling Woman it is. But if it makes me crazy, I may dial back to Boneyard or Yvaine to soothe myself.

As for commissions - you guys, I do not know if I am awesome enough yet to charge you for my work! But I'll give it thought. I'll see if I can do Travelling Woman without going crazy, and if I can, we can talk commissions on it.

Question about Interchangeable Needles
KnitPicks Options or Denise?

Link Soup
* The Interstitial Arts Foundation's auction starts November 1!
* Speaking of auctions, remember to save_dave!
* "I am Emily X" is a blog collecting posts from Planned Parenthood volunteers, all anonymized as "Emily X". It is bringing tears to my eyes and making me want to take on another volunteer gig.
* How to make an atlatl.
* This needs to be my knitting bag.

Daily Science
Building a brain inside a supercomputer. With bonus TED talk!

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Dandelion pajamas.
Reading: The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism by Danya Ruttenberg; The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.
Writing: Outlining the great big sekrit nonfiction project.
Knitting: Armwarmers for Elayna in variegated green baby alpaca. I didn't have time to get the DPNs yesterday, so no hat yet. Will start shawl this weekend, too.
Planning: Hopefully I'll get the template and data for the IAF auctions today so I can knock that out; also need to get in a few more Arisia lit-track panels. And I need to write a bio for the BARCC gala. I get 2/3 of a page. They say I can keep the line about the monkey. I can't block the shawl today, because I need blocking wires; will get to that maybe next week. Need to go to the library, too.
Tomorrow is my anniversary! As I said yesterday: book fair, nice restaurant, zombie movie.
Sunday hopefully we'll be going to a pumpkin-carving party. Must consult the rest of the family.

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