Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to techempage!

Meh. I am improving by tiny increments.

Saturday is the anniversary of two of the three best decisions I ever made: marrying Adam and moving to Boston. <3 In celebration, Adam and I will go to the Boston Book Festival and Dali, and see Zombieland.

Feeling a bit less out of balance
Helping out with the save_dave auction did me some good. Lots of amazing stuff there! Check it out!

Also getting stuff done two days in a row helps. *nod*

Link Soup
* Hey, guess what can get you denied health insurance now? Rape. I do not have a coherent response to this yet.
* Some of the items up for auction at the BARCC Champions for Change Gala. Not too late to get your ticket!
* Alligators sing.
* The world of tomorrow, if the internet disappeared today.

Daily Science
The LHC is going back online in November!

Need to familiarize myself with the BARCC workshop I'm leading later today; I've never done this one before. Also I delayed sitting down and knitting yesterday, so I didn't get the shawl done - thing is, now that a row takes 40 minutes, it's hard to grab time. *fusses* But I shall finish it today, because it is so close to being done; I'm on the final garter-stitch section.

Afternoon and early evening = my first real activity since falling ill. I have that BARCC workshop near Downtown Crossing - anyone want to do dinner there? I get out at 6. And before that, I've got to swing by BARCC to discuss my speech for the Gala. And between that and the workshop, I'll hopefully have time to find Windsor Button and pick up some double-pointed needles so I can finally get started on Elayna's devil hat.
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