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Tew's Day!

Hello to new reader nalathilion!

Fever shot up to 100.5 last night - then broke a hour or two into that. Currently 98.1, which is far closer to baseline. Still in respiratory hell, but getting the chills, fever, and stabby pain out of the equation does help very much.

I haven't been, and I've been fussing about that tremendously.

I have been having aagh with this shawl. And it's not the fault of the shawl, which is coming out beautifully and is really easy now that I've figured out where I was being spatially stupid! But I am just having a confluence of frustrations. My needles were too short - I've seen people knit shawls on needles this length, but they were using laceweight yarn, which is way more scrunchable than my worsted-weight. So I had to borrow interchangeable circulars. And a few rows in, the cable popped right out of the tip, dropping 20someodd stitches. Which I picked up (and Emily verified). Got a cable that's not popping out, but I am out of the yarn I need now. **headdesk** Fortunately, Mark was planning to drop by Diesel before coming over, and the yarn store is in Porter, and he can pick me up what I need. But it is just a series of frustrations.

Still, shawl is lovely. And fun and relaxing to knit, when outside influences are not interfering.

Second Chance to See Rebecca Loebe!
October 28, 7pm, Lizard Lounge in Cambridge!

Read These!
* The Worth of a Shell by haikujaguar. Of all her aliens, I think I love the Jokka most (I want Keshul's story!). haikujaguar is the best there is at actually capturing a truly alien mindset. Want proof? Read The Aphorisms of Kherishdar, free.
* Speaking of free and lovely writing, Goblin Fruit's autumn issue is up!

Link Soup
* "Maggie Lee Henson was a vibrant 12-year-old who died from a traumatic brain injury she suffered when the First Baptist Church of Shreveport Bus flipped and landed on her on July 12th, 2009, while on the way to youth camp. Thousands have already committed to performing ONE ACT OF KINDNESS in honor of Maggie Lee on October 29, 2009, what would be her 13th birthday." I will do it. That so easily could have been my girl, just last week.
* The woman who can't stop orgasming. The interviewee is one of my readers, and yeah, this really, really sucks for her.
* My husband is snarky when offended by bad TV. Also, I am the one who pointed out that Eli talks like he's been listening to dialogue tapes of Topher from Dollhouse. For serious.
* This? Pure brilliance.

Daily Science
Using RNAi-based technique, scientists find new tumor suppressor genes in lymphoma.

Same as yesterday.
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