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Hello to new reader fatimusprime!

I can't speak for coughing; that's the most disturbing thing. I'm short enough of breath that I need to be actively controlling my breathing to keep it shallow enough not to trigger coughing fits.

Fever is down a little from yesterday, but everything else remains the same.

Adam's going to call the doctor and see if I need to come in the get tests run. (I'm not so much with the talking in complete sentences.)

Tonight's house concert is CANCELLED due to plague.

Elayna is not in pain, yay. *hugs the Elayna* She had a little anxiety with crosswalks yesterday (her first time using them since the accident), but she and Adam may walk to school today to do a dry run, make sure she's okay using the crosswalk the accident happened in.

Link Soup
* Rape Culture 101. A fantastic post.
* 5 comic book Halloween costumes that won't objectify women (and 5 that will objectify men!)
Good post on able-bodied privilege. I have a lot to add.

Daily BPAL
The Fool: apple blossom, peppermint, allspice, and yellow sandalwood speckled with grave loam and clods of grave dirt.
In bottle: Subtle mint and dirt! Like actual fresh potted mint plants.
On me: Dirt dirt dirt, with the afterscent of mint.

Falling Leaf Moon: The first autumn rains dripping onto fallen leaves against a backdrop of opoponax, labdanum, patchouli, agarwood, and oakmoss.
In bottle: Dead leaves, with a surprising sweetness.
On me: Dead leaves, less sweetness. Very autumn.

Can't breathe deeply enough today! Will retest later.

Daily Science
Pallas is an intact protoplanet!

I plan to spend the day mostly horizontal. Reading. Knitting, if I can arrange to get the longer circular needles from Emily. The sorts of things that force me to not exert myself at all. My chest in particular is feeling terribly fragile.
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